Diehard GameFAN: Interview with TDGMods on Hypertension (Dreamcast)

With all of the recent additions to the SEGA Dreamcast library, it's almost weird to think that gamers aren't even shocked or surprised by the announcement of another Dreamcast title hitting the independent scene. We're closing out 2009 with entries such as DUX,Last Hope: Pink Bullets and Rush Rush Rally Racing, but 2010 already has a lineup going for it on SEGA's white box that could. Perhaps the most infamous of those titles is a project by TDGMods that is looking to bring the gameplay of Blood to not only the Dreamcast, but also the PC, Mac and Linux formats along with compatible GP32X models or formats that support those OS systems. Entitled Hypertension, TDGMods has a lot to deliver with its promises, but as the game progresses, it becomes more and more amazing what the team has been able to accomplish with the Doom source engine and its other assorted tools and magic touch.

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