Media Create software sales (10/26 - 11/1)

Media Create has published the latest software sales figures from Japan (official numbers).

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Valay3452d ago

Famitsu's estimates weren't off too much, surprisingly.

Ace_2353452d ago

wow it says forza came out for wii

Saaking3452d ago

Bayonetta and tekken 6 did great on the PS3.

Valay3452d ago

It was an error on my part, but it's fixed now.

Zedux3452d ago (Edited 3452d ago )

now its time to VGChartz copy and paste their data sadly for them they had PS3 at 25 million when Sony announced 27 million sold worldwide! those guys are fake!

TotalPS3Fanboy3452d ago (Edited 3452d ago )

Instead of spending all their resources on making a great game on one console, Namco decided to waste a ton of resources and money on a 360 version, to try to get some sales. The result: The 360 version ain't even selling at all. All that resources and money, wasted away on the 360 version that didn't even bring back any money. Wasted resources and money that could have been used to make Tekken 6 the best fighting game ever.

Namco's Plan
Game: Mediocre
PS3: High sales
360: High sales
Namco: Win (because of high sales from both consoles)
Gamers: Lose (because game is mediocre)

Game: Crappy
PS3: Less than normal sales
360: Very low sales
Namco: Lose (not enough sales, even when combined)
Gamers: Lose (crappy game)

Better Plan
Game: High quality (because not multiplatform)
PS3: Sales > 360 + PS3 from Namco's plan (because it's a great game)
360: No 360 version
Namco: Win
Gamers: Win (360 gamers win too, because they don't care for Tekken)

Sarcasm3451d ago

Sooo... Where's the "Gran Turismo Killer" on this list?

commodore643451d ago

Sooo... Where's the "Uncharted 2" on this list?

sikbeta3451d ago

"Gran Turismo Killer" lol you made my day

blackpanther253451d ago

and thats why i didn't buy Tekken 6 this time around.....they didn't even try. I rather stick with Tekken 5 dark resurrection for the ps3 with online support

gaffyh3451d ago

Between the famitsu numbers and these media create numbers, Tekken 6 and Final Fantasy switched around. This is why I never fully trust Famitsu numbers.

Also as I guessed, Forza 3 didn't chart in it's second week, whereas Uncharted 2 did chart in it's second week. Take into consideration that shooters are less popular than racers in Japan, Forza did a lot worse than Uncharted 2.

Anon19743451d ago

This is Japan. The Japanese don't buy that type of game. Just look at the excellent Gears of War 2. Hardly even sold 60,000 in Japan, or the last Tombraider, 50,000 on the PS3, 10,000 on the 360.

Uncharted 2 not being on this list is no surprise.

scoobysnacks3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

Uncharted 2 released in Japan on the 16 October, reaching number 5 in the Media Create software sales (10/12 – 10/18), selling 54k in just 2 days.


Uncharted 2 was still there in its second week (10/19 – 10/25) at number 9. Which is pretty good for a western shooter in Japan, selling 72k after just 9 days on sale.

Forza 3 launched in Japan on the 22 October, and was at number 6 in the Media Create software sales (10/19 – 10/25), and sold a respectable 32k after 3 days.


However, Forza 3 has dropped off this chart in its second week, just as Uncharted 2 has (10/26 – 11/1), and considering Japan like their cars and their racing games, that’s surprising. But then there are a lot more PS3 owners in Japan compared to 360 owners so for Forza3 to appear for at least one week is good, every other racing fan is more than likely waiting for GT5.

commodore643451d ago

@ scoobysnacks

Yeah, you make some valid points.
Especially the point about the install base disparity in Japan.
This would logically lead one to expect much better UC2 presence in the top sellers in Japan.

My prior comment was not supposed to be an in-depth analysis.
It was merely a retort for the trolls who were tring to disparage Forza3, which is a great game and has sold well considering the install base in Japan.

scoobysnacks3450d ago

You said yourself that Forza 3 sold well considering the install base. The 360 has an install base of approximately 1.2m in Japan. Forza 3 sold 32k in 3 days or 10.6k average for each of those days. The PS3 has an install base of nearly 3.8m in Japan, and Uncharted 2 sold 54k in 2 days or 27k each day. So doesn’t that argument about selling well to the install base apply to both games?

Given the petrol heads the Japanese are though, to use your phrasing, wouldn’t this logically lead one to expect a much better Forza 3 presence in the top sellers in Japan? Uncharted 2 charted (no pun intended) for two weeks in the top ten, that’s respectable for a western shooter that has historically been a less popular type of game for the Japanese. Anyway, arguing the case scenarios of “install base vs a popular genre of game” can be applied to both these titles. This is only the top ten after all, and perhaps both Uncharted 2 and Forza 3 are in positions 11 and 12 and are still selling well. Both games deserve to, as both are excellent in their particular genres.

My above comment wasn’t aimed specifically at you, but to all those that as you said trolled to disparage a given title, regardless of the title being Forza 3 or Uncharted 2, but I see where you were coming from. My post was aimed to end any more comments like that in this thread by giving the facts.

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Saaking3452d ago

Where's the failbox version of tekken 6? hahaha, no where to be found.

Narutone663452d ago

the "definitive" driving sim?

Mista T3451d ago

GT5 will release next year :P

Man_of_the_year3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

Where's the highest rated PS3 exclusive game that just came out 3 weeks ago that has only sold about 1.18 million on an install base of 27 million...and an install base in Japan of about 3 million with only about 0.07 million (70,000) sold?

I guess the "ps3 does everything...except make games that 98% of the PS3 install base actually care about"

Sunny_D3451d ago

Then why is Forza only selling 50,000? on a console with a install base of 31 34 million? I thought it was DEFINITIVE!

Man_of_the_year3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

I see the ignorance still runs deep within your Sony Fanboy Blood.

1st. Forza 3 is not the highest rated 360 exclusive, while UC2 is the PS3's highest rated exclusive.

2nd. Forza 3 has been out 1 week compared to UC2's 3 weeks.

3rd. Going by release dates and average sales....

UC2 average weekly sales - 393,333 a week world wide
Forza 3 average weekly sales - 670,000 a week world wide
UC2 total Japan sales - 80,000
Forza 3 total Japan sales - 40,000

UC2 average weekley (3 weeks) sales - 26,666.666
Forza 3 average weekley sales (1 week) 40,000.000

See a difference there? UC2 has only been out 3 weeks and has only sold around 1.18 million units worldwide and is the PS3's highest rated exclusive...why is nobody buying it? Because these types of games (Tombraider clone) are just not as popular as they once were. While Forza 3 has only been released 1 week, is not the highest rated 360 exclusive, is in a genre saturated with racing games.

Point is, people are asking where is Forza 3 yet fail to see that the 360 is being outsold by the PS3 3:1 thus there is little demand in Japan for an exclusive 360 game while the highest rated PS3 xeclusive on a console in its own territory (Japan) can't seem to generate any sales.

So bottom line...The PS3 fanboys should check out their own favorite consoles short comings before pointing fingers at the compititions...

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XDF3452d ago

Nothing to see....and I don't care.

NEC PC Engine was very popular in Japan as well.. :)

patterson3452d ago

I see a tear rolling down that brave face of yours. It's ok :(

ActionBastard3452d ago

LOL Patterson! That made me wake the baby.

TheRedTerror3451d ago


you should care about japan, as its a large part of games and gaming progress.

sikbeta3451d ago

-becauze I livez in Americaz and I don'tz knowz abooutz otherz countriez

Grow UP, Japan exist, doesn't matter if you can't recognise the country in a map XD

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XDF3451d ago

Tomodachi Collection
Inazuma Eleven 2: Kyoui no Shinryakusha – Fire
Super Robot Taisen

Like I said, I can care less if Monster Hunter is one of the best selling game in Japan because people in the US and Europe do not care.

Maybe is is just me.

dktxx23451d ago

The point of the article is Japanese sales. If you do not care what Japanese gamers are buying, why read it?