Game Revolution: Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony Review

Game Revolution wrties: "Grand Theft Auto IV seemed complete after the conclusion of Lost and Damned. After all, we got to see the other side of some of the most important events of Niko Bellic's adventures, from the shoes of one of the toughest biker gang-bangers in Liberty City. But things aren't always what they seem when we deal with Rockstar Games. The Ballad of Gay Tony exposes yet another interesting facet of the pseudo-metropolis, as you'll get to experience what the night life has to offer."

+ Lengthy, awesome story
+ Charismatic new characters, Tony especially
+ Doesn't take itself seriously
+ Terrific voice-acting and dialogue
+ Explosive shotgun shells are my new BFF
+ Parachuting/base-jumping is a blast
+ Side missions and post-story content
+/- More helicopter missions, for better or worse
- Helicopter controls are really plain awful
- Under-developed story for Luis and family

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