PS Blog: Qore Episode 18 – Featuring ModNation Racers, Assassin's Creed II, ILM and Star Trek

Official Playstation Blog:

"In our 18th episode, we'll show you a creative kart, an assassin with a heart, and moviemaking art.

United Front Games' first title for the PS3, ModNation Racers, looks to bring the same "play, create, share" ethos of LittleBigPlanet to the kart racing genre, with tons of customization options combined with lively racing action. Veronica Belmont sees firsthand how easy it is to create drivers, karts and tracks and gives us a taste of what is to come."

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WildArmed3270d ago

I've lost all interest in Qore now. It was awesome wen it launched though.
now I just get the beta n demos via preordering.. since you basically get those the same way in Qore