Brave New Gamer: Shattered Horizon Review

Take everything you know about first-person shooters and throw it out the window. You might ask "why?" I don't care. No one can hear you in space. Forget about everything you've ever learned about FPS games because none of that really applies to Futuremark's new multiplayer zero-g shooter Shattered Horizon. It's a whole new playing field, and one that's worth checking out.

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EvanVolm3459d ago

Yeah I don't think my NVIDIA RIVA TNT/2 can handle this...

KRONie3459d ago

Looks amazing. Probably gonna buy it later this month :)

toaster3459d ago

Man it's only $20.

BTW I like how the Amazon link is for a different game.

KRONie3459d ago

i know, but i only got 40 dollars on my debit account lol
waiting for paycheck..

micro_invader3459d ago

Man, this game looks awesome.

I hope they have a free weekend promotion sometime soon, that would be great for potential buyers.

Pandamobile3459d ago

Yeah, since the game is exclusive to Steam, it shouldn't be hard to get a free weekend rolling in soon.

edgeofblade3459d ago

Pretty decent game, especially for a first game from a business known for benchmarking. It's fun, but it's really online only.

KRONie3457d ago

bought the game today.
already played for 3 hours, and all i can say is - it's best 20 dollars i ever spent on a game.

well.. that and TF2.