Sony sued over PS3 firmware update problems

Owners of bricked systems file suit on behalf of everyone who downloaded system update 3.0 or 3.01; demand unspecified damages.

The ability of console makers to update their systems' firmware has a number of benefits, as evidenced by the continually expanding capabilities of the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii. However, the updating of firmware on all three platforms is sometimes associated with reports of systems being broken by the updates, or "bricked."

In some cases, the owners of ruined consoles do more than make angry message board posts about their misfortune. In late 2006, an Xbox 360 owner sued Microsoft over a system update rendering his console inoperable. That suit was dismissed in mid-2007 when Microsoft and the plaintiff reached an agreement out of court.

Now it's Sony's day in court, as last week a pair of PlayStation 3 owners who had their systems bricked by the September 3.0 and 3.01 firmware updates filed suit agianst the company. The two gamers--one from Texas, the other from Iowa--allege that the updates caused PS3s to malfunction, with problems including loss of controller use, malfunction of the Blu-ray drive, and bricking of consoles. When they contacted Sony's customer service representatives, the pair were told that the system failures were coincidental and unrelated to the system update. Furthermore, Sony would charge them a repair fee of $150 in order to fix the systems.

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chrisulloa4965d ago

"repair fee of $150 in order to fix the systems"

Glad Microsoft doesn't charge for RRoD

Gandalf4965d ago

Obviously, they just tell you to buy a new one after your warranty ends.

Saaking4965d ago

RROD shouldn't occur PERIOD.

It doesn't matter if the repair is free, the time you loose is not. And once the warranty runs out you're screwed.

4965d ago
Foliage4965d ago

Unfortunately the 360 only has a policy in place for RROD because the media caught on in large numbers. Outside of RROD, you are screwed with the repair fees for every other problem on the 360, and again unfortunately outside of RROD the 360 still manages to have more problems than the PS3 and Wii combined twenty fold.

kevinx10004965d ago

"Obviously, they just tell you to buy a new one after your warranty ends."

no they don't actually. mine broke 4 times, twice after warranty.
they said it was over but they still repaired it for free and got me some free stuff (games, controller or mic and XBL)

repairs never took more than 15 days, and it's dead silent since the last one :)

ChartedMetalTurismo4964d ago

The 360's warranty is 3 years cause it's a crapbox failmachine.

TheBand1t4964d ago

If you're bragging about a warranty, you're quite sad.

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NateNater4965d ago

Against Sony!? These guys don't stand a chance.

It will most likely end up like when Microsoft got sued for similar reasons in 2007.

Why don't they just pay the $150 and move on with their lives?

Pl4ybwoi4965d ago

because if nobody does nothing about, it will continue to happen.

Proxy4965d ago (Edited 4965d ago )

The standard need to be set here and now. If I buy a product it should work forever.

You have your Monoliths, Zohars, and PS3s.

Christopher4965d ago

Incorrect. If you buy a product, it should work the expected number of years, which for a computer is 5. No item with the technology used today can be guaranteed to continue to work forever.

Thinking like that is just idiotic, honestly. As a consumer, if that's the way you think, you'll rarely be happy.

vhero4965d ago

If you buy a PS3 in the US you should expect it to work for 3 months thats why you get 3 month warranty anything else is extra. UK law sates they should last 1 year so warranty over here is 1 year. Some places in EU though Sony warranty is a whopping 2 years. People should do what I did and pay a little extra (£80) for 3 years warranty on top of initial warranty :). So I got 4 years cover now for cheaper than the cost of a repair. Worth it for peace of mind!

iceman064964d ago

Well...because THEY feel that they were led astray by the business practices of Sony. Do I agree? Not completely. But I understand WHY they are attempting to sue. Most times big business could keep most of their problems to a minimum by just handling customer service in the correct way. However, the bottom line for ALL business is MONEY. I get that. However, when money comes at the expense of customer satisfaction and loyalty...which ALL businesses attempt to garner through the release and support of quality products...there is a crossroads of sorts.
As to the validity of the claim...that will be determined by the proof that comes once the class for the action is formed (although there is some BS involved in the class that was asked to's basically ALL PS3 owners connected to the internet).
The people have the right to sue....SONY has the right to defend...and the courts will decide. This could be just 2 angry and isolated incidences OR the beginning of a REAL issue.

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taco_tom2374965d ago

ive never had problems updating lol yay me!!!

HDgamer4965d ago

Fanboys have issues, stealth disagree without explanation :/

RememberThe3574965d ago

Apparently you have had problems with firmware updates. You just weren't fanboy enough to notice.

Saaking4965d ago

This people should focus on suing MS. they're the ones that released a last gen piece of crap with a 54.2 percent failure rate.

slayorofgods4964d ago (Edited 4964d ago )

Though I agree with you that MS should not have released hardware with such a massive failure rate. I think that the rrod epidemic should be common knowledge by now.

Frankly speaking, I don't encourage this spreading of retarding lawsuits. Our society is beginning to sound like it is filled with whinny b*tch's.