Modern Warfare 2's Loss is DICE's Gain

A PC gamer unhappy with Infinity Ward's decision to eliminate dedicated servers has put his money where his mouth is by sending the 60 bucks he would've spent on Modern Warfare 2 to Battlefield: Bad Company developer DICE instead.

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Saaking3273d ago

BC2 looks a LOT better than MW2. It actually seems like they improved a lot compared to the minor updates IW did.

deadreckoning6663273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

@Saaking- I thk there two different games. Ones more arcadey and the other is more realistic, why not get em both? March is a long ways away to wait for Battlefield.

Saaking3273d ago

I'll be getting MW2 used. I don't support low quality devs.

PinkUni3273d ago

why dont u buy it for us since you have an infinite amount of money

Gago3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

1. MW2 runs at 60 fps, 2x as fast as BW2

2. MW2 still STILL looks better

3. MW2 will get sh!tload better reviews and sales

4. "I'll be getting MW2 used. I don't support low quality devs. "


pangitkqb3273d ago

It is also refreshing to see a gamer back up his talk with real life action.

toaster3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

1: Frames Per Second on consoles doesn't come close to what PC monitors can do. But on consoles framerate isn't everything. A game can run at 30 and still look f*cking mind orgasmic.

2: I doubt MW2 will look better than BC2 when March comes around.

3: Reviews- do you trust all of them?
Sales- One word: Wii. Sales = Quality. NOT

4: When getting a used game, the money doesn't go to the devs. Activision and IW already have enough money. All they want is more.

cyberwaffles3273d ago

you're joking, right Gago? MW2 is only 9v9 on itty-bitty tiny maps with no vehicles except for the AC130 (which is not manual may i remind you.)

COD may run at 60FPS, but it doesn't mean it plays or looks better than BC2. the graphics and particle effects are pretty mindblowing considering the scope of the game. fully destructible environments, higher player count, assload of vehicles (ATVs, jeeps, APCs, two different tank models, choppers, etc), class based and team oriented gameplay, and a lot of other things.

i think people who like COD more just don't realize how good BF is.

DiffusionE3273d ago

Seriously, man. You need to see a doctor if you think MW2 looks better than BC2. The only reason MW2 can do 60fps is because it's a repetitive linear-shooter with invisible walls all around. Have you ever played Battlefield 2? No? Then, shut up.

RussDeBuss3273d ago

i have said many times on here my plan, and a lot of people i know say they are doing the same

rent mw2 for the single player and save the money and hold out for bc2.

even if bc2 single player isn't as good as mw2, bc2 is all about multiplayer, and thats what you move onto in the longrun, i still play bc1 a lot now, cod4 single player was excelent overall experiance, multiplayer was ok but a bit "arcady", bc1 muliplayer though is so deep, so many different ways you can approach a match on that every match can seem different, lots of variety, and the maps are superb, excelent mix of large open space and close quarters fighting, mixed in with tanks and air strikes, and choppers if u can fly them well enough :P.....

sikbeta3273d ago

About your points:

1. Average players don't notice 60fps, they could locked to 30fps with more graphics

2.MW2 looks slighty better than MW, is more like a MW1.5

3."MW2 will get sh!tload better reviews and sales" -> yes, because is COD and is multiplat, so reviewers now have and excuse

4."I'll be getting MW2 used. I don't support low quality devs. "

wow how pathetic, YOUR STILL PLAYING THE GAME" -> is not patethic to buy a game used, is an individual chioce that you have to respect

My points:

1. IW/Activision are really douches, they are f*cking the Pc community and if they know about the xbox verion being pirated, they are going to f*ck everyone that buy the next game, even PS3 that has nothing to do with piracy

2. I'll not support MW2 because is more like a massive overhyped storm, prefer to spend $60+ in another quality game more as IW/Activision act like douches, BC franchise grow

4. I'll not buy it even used, is a personal choice because i'm not into shooters, I like KZ2 (not the First) becuase of the futuristic stuff and everything that saw on the screen was really intense, I like Resistance more for the story and the atmosphere of the game, but is more then enough for me

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Pandamobile3273d ago

We'll show love to who ever doesn't stab us in the eye with a stick. Hence why so many PC gamers love DICE, Valve, Bioware, Relic, etc.

Seriously, we're not THAT hard to please, just don't screw with us. I sure hope that when IW looks at the sales charts of the PC version of MW2 they realize that they fcked up.

cmrbe3273d ago

that ain't going to happen. I'll be happy if it does though.


Yeah, what's gonna happen is they're gonna look at the pc sales and pirated copies and say "It's just not worth it to develop for PC anymore". Sux

sikbeta3273d ago

I was thinking about your comment and then I realise that is Activision ans Boby kodick crew, so never in the life, saddly


Is more like:

-look at the sales!!!!... not enough, not enough!!!!
-Now someone in some place is downoadind a pirated copy... I cannot find you, but I will have my revenge... rising the price... Muahahahahaha!!!!!!!! Muahahahahaha!!!!!!!

cmrbe3273d ago

BC2 lookes to be the better game and more deserving of my money.

IW really made my descision easy. First they didn't take the money to improve their engine considerably and put in place dedicated servers for everyone. Knowing this they still made no fuss about the price hike. I don't know about you guys but this sounds like a dev that dosen't care about their fans anymore.

Amazing that this is the same guys that left EA because of their principles.

The_Denzel3273d ago

You know why they didn't spend your money on dedicated servers? Because the Modern Warfare fanbase is in 360 now.

You can jump to DICE if you want. Infinity Ward isn't going to miss you.

Sigh3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Bad Company 2 looks like it took a major update from graphics, sooo clean. Compared to Bad Company 2 screens, part 1 looked a bit yellowish and grainy. But still, it has the same fun gameplay mechanics from part 1 and I really can't wait!

LostCypher113273d ago

If you have a decent connection you should not have lag. considering you are playing on dedicated servers. I really get lag when i Play BC. and i play like everyday

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