IGN: Mass Effect 2 Preview: The Return of Garrus

Mass Effect 2 was introduced to the world with a tease that Commander Shepard might not have survived the time between the first game and its sequel. People soon learned that not to be true, and development studio BioWare has since rolled out a steady stream of character reveals that introduced you to a few of Shepard's new friends that would be joining him on this supposed suicide mission.

One question lingered: What happened to the old crew? Not to worry. They're all coming back in some form -- assuming you managed to keep them alive in Mass Effect -- to round out a complete cast of 10 total supporting characters. Recently, IGN got the chance to see this in a new demo that showed off the triumphant return of the turian you know as Garrus.

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Ausbo3274d ago

this game looks great!!

Not uncharted great, but among the best

starmin763274d ago

Prediction; Most epic game of 2010