THQ: Natal, Sony Wand are 'Major Statements'

IGN writes: "Videogame publishers are looking forward to the day when both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 have motion control.

Speaking during THQ's second quarter financial call, CEO Brian Farrell discussed his enthusiasm for Microsoft's Project Natal camera and Sony's Motion Controller Ward, which are both due out in 2010."

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Saaking3273d ago

I think the Sony Wand if a better for core gamers as it provides more options.

Natal is good, but if you have to use a controller along with Natal doesn't it go against the point of a "controller-less" experience?

KionicWarlord2223273d ago

I remember at e3 Kodu (lol) said that there will be Natal only games .

PandemicPrawn03273d ago

I'm sure there will be games that only use Natal or a controller.

And there will more than likely be games that use a combination of the two. Like using a controller for a FPS and using the voice recognition in Natal to interact with NPC's or something like that.

As long as the games are good I don't think it matters too much.

glennc3273d ago

they are both gimmicks. just playing catchup, but theyre somewhere in limbo. too late for the wii market, too early for Virtual Reality which is when i'll take notice. until then, they will just be gimmicks & i like my 360 controller.

bring on 3d video glasses