Ubisoft Signs Deal with Sony for Exclusive AC2 Ad Campaign

GOONL!NE: Ubisoft's revealed in a financial call to investors that the company has signed a deal with Sony to do an exclusive advertising campaign for Assassin's Creed II, related to the PlayStation 3 version of the game.

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LordMarius3271d ago

MW2 would have ranked in more money but AC2, i dont know

saint_john_paul_ii3271d ago

microsoft already dropped the money bags for MW2.

i like the idea for advertising a game like AC on the PS.

blackpanther253271d ago

are under sony's belt......i bet they would rather people buy kilzone 2, Resistance 2, or MAG over MW2. Obviously they want more people who are into adventure action games.

cmrbe3271d ago

Even here on this site from my observation PS3 fans like AC2 more than x360 fans while x360 fans like MWF2 much more while most PS3 fans hate it and prefer BC2 over it.

I guess both MS and Sony see this trend as well.

Cwalat3271d ago

Microsoft did a smart move by catching Activision with the deal.

Sony now also made a smart move by catching Ubisoft with this deal.

Even though i'd like the vision of Multiplats having EQUAL ammount of coverage for both versions, because the games are called MULTIPLATFORM for a reason, i think that if someone starts off with the bull.. the other one better respond before they get shafted even more.

Megaton3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Yeah, Microsoft's got MW2 locked down hard. You see their commercial in the US yet? Flat out says: "The best way to play it is Xbox 360".

Saaking3271d ago

Sony is really pushing forward now. I've seen more ads these past months than all three years combined. Great job Sony. PS3 #1 console this generation.

itchy183271d ago

really? are you serious? that's what it says??

Hellsvacancy3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

I shall buy Assassins Creed 2 (Ps3 of-course) and rent Mw2 so i guess your right (in my case u r anyway)

Perhaps its coz Ps3 gamers r a little more imaginative whereas Pc gamers r just greedy :-P

deadreckoning6663271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Good Move by Ubisoft!

"EDIT: Nice job with that stealth edit deadreckoning. Why don't you stand by your comment instead of changing it?"

Wrong Article, srry. Hating on PS3 fanboys is hard work ya know, sometimes I get a lil' confused lol.

Saaking3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )


Don't be a moron. PS3 exclusives are exclusives therefore no need to make deals to advertise them.

EDIT: No, I didn't say there's no need to advertise exclusives I said there's no need to make a deal TO advertise. Sony doesn't need to pay themselves to market first party titles, they can do it without making a deal with themselves. It'd be like paying yourself, it doesn't make sense.

EDIT: Nice job with that stealth edit deadreckoning. Why don't you stand by your comment instead of changing it?

zeeshan3271d ago

I think after Koticks threats, Sony doesn't really care about Activision anymore. From a business point of view, they'd like to see Activision supporting PS3 but deep down, I guess they are still hurt (pretty much like some of us PS3 owners).

Anorexorcist3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

What kind of deal would Sony have to make when their exclusives do not come from third-party developers, they come from within the SCE conglomerate!

Sony better go hand themselves a briefcase full of cash and make a deal with themselves before Microsoft comes along and offers Sony a marketing deal on Sony's exclusive games, correct?

"M$ were the smart ones in this"

Well possibly. Maybe you should study up on MS a little more and maybe some of that smartness will rub off on you.

Soldierone3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

He edited his post nm...
what i did say ->Your comment makes no sense at all. Why would Sony sign a contract with their own companies to advertise them? Sony OWNS Naughty Dog, they dont have to sign a contract to advertise their games...

blackpanther253271d ago

deadreckoning666 - 6 minutes ago

1.9 -
Sony couldn't get MW2 so they did it with AC2. Nice.

Question for PS3 fanboys: Why didn't Sony do this with an exclusive since PS3 exclusives are above EVERYTHING? LOL, M$ were the smart ones in this. At least, they know that no exclusive this year can touch Modern Warfare 2 as far as sales and popularity go.

erathaol3271d ago

I hope they make an PS3 Slim + Assassin's Creed II Bundle, with a red silhouette of Ezio on it.

raztad3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

This news comes as not surprise and makes perfect sense. At E3 MW2 was one of the xbox show titles and AC2 was PS3's. AC is coming to the PSP with some PS3 interoperability added AND among the PS3 fanbase there is a big market for titles like AC2.

I'm expecting to see how AC2 performs to make my mind.

Maddens Raiders3271d ago

right on. That's exactly what I was thinking. Why not advertise AC2 for the PS3 and draw more people in to play all kinds of games on the console, including SNE's own exclusive FPS's ?? I mean MW2 won't need any help in the advert dept. anyway..

btw - are you a Marvel fan?

blackpanther253271d ago

yeah man i'm a big time Hulk and Blackpanther fan. I started getting hardcore into comic books when Planet Hulk came out....then i decided to read a back catalog of comic books lol

On topic: i hope AC2 is way better than AC

Maddens Raiders3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

I'm trying to post a pic of part of my collection (as it hangs on the walls of my den), but don't think the site will let me. I'm a Marvel addict myself. If you're ever on Ultimate Alliance 2 and want to team up on legendary then just drop a line

PSN: Maddens_Raiders

On topic:

I'm hoping that AC2 will be as much an improvement over AC as BFBC2 looks to be now over BC.

CernaML3271d ago

It's true. I heard that in a Walmart ad.

sikbeta3271d ago

"ts funny how things work
Even here on this site from my observation PS3 fans like AC2 more than x360 fans while x360 fans like MWF2 much more while most PS3 fans hate it and prefer BC2 over it.

I guess both MS and Sony see this trend as well"

I think you are wrong, if everyone is against MW2 is because of IW and Activision being so douche, everyone see more appealing BC2, since you don't read articles about EA f*cks the gaming community, another thing lot of people are thinking is that MW2 will be more like MW1.5 and obviously PS3 supporters are more into variety of games than the OMG "Shooter Game of the Year"

Ju3271d ago

I still think the Playstation audience likes a broader variety in its library. Sure we like shooters, too. But the past playstation generation was way more then just shooters. If some got carried over (and I think it did) then PS3 owners like more variety.

As such I like the idea about AC2 more then another shooter - even though from a business standpoint (pure money considerations) MW2 might make more sense. If you do a strategic product placement, however, AC2 is quite right, IMO (especially based on a recent focus, which was UC2 - an adventure game).

Sevir043271d ago

the Assassin's Creed franchise was actually announced as a playstation exclusive as project assassin "working title" during the predevelopment stages... what follows was high dev cost and the announcement of $600 ps3.. so it went multiplat. the game however was lead on ps3... and with ubisoft having great relationship with sony. AC was like AC2 a show floor game at E307. later that year Ubisoft and Sony signed a deal to market AC exclusively for the PS3. u can google the 2007 AC comercials. they were only advertised for ps3.. and it also coinsided with the ps3's drop to 400 dollars with the 40gig starter. so its no surprise. the franchise is in soul an exclusive. So don't be surprised if AC2 is advertized that way. this move with sony is really a good one.. modern warfare 2 will do well on the PS platform but AC2 will do better. a lot of people want that game.

god_o_war3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

please include some type of evidence with that rumored deal with kojima games :D in the Ad

AKNAA3271d ago

MW2, forget about it! same ol engine/ graphics/ short campaign for the past 2 games already...

AC2 however, improved on every aspect I mentioned and more. I'm more of a single campaign player than an online player and thats also the reason why I prefer AC2, it'll give me more for my money length wise.

BYE3271d ago

It's a good move, it's better to have an innovative, badass game like Assassin's Creed 2 associated with your platform than just another FPS, which the PS3 already has plenty of that do it better.

taylork373271d ago

It makes me so frustrated to see how ignorant you are.

You honestly are going to downplay a serious contender for GOTY (MW2), and give praise to a VERY unproven improvement to AC1 just because Sony was not able to get the advertisement rights to MW2.

Not only that, you are saying that AC2 will have innovation while MW2 will not. If you have been living for the past year, you will see that AC2 is copying from AC1 as much as MW2 is copying from MW1.

PLEASE just get over yourself and your console. Stop changing your opinions just so you can keep agreeing with something. Either company in their right mind would rather have the ad campaign rights to MW2 over AC2.

Hellsvacancy3271d ago

Hay DONT knock the mans choice in games, if he sais he doesnt summin it means like summin!!!

Just like him ill b buyin Assassins Creed 2 over MW2 ANY day of the week, MW2s a rental if i had a Pc or a 360 i would torrent it

taylork373271d ago

he isn't choosing a game... he is criticizing one game because its ads aren't exclusive to his console.

NickIni3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

I actually loved the first game. 100% picking this up, now i just need to decide between getting it for 360 or PS3.

MW2's on my christmas list along with U2, whereas this is a day 1 purchase.

solidt123271d ago

Sony ain't playing this year. I just heard about the exclusive Bad Company 2 Beta this month when you pre-order the game, now this.

Ausbo3271d ago

i only thought M$ pays for exclusive advertising.

Danja3271d ago

This is a smart move by Sony alot of people seem to be forgetting that AC was a huge seller on both the 360 and PS3 and it sold well even after a year after coming out .... This game will be huge either way ..

Tomdc3271d ago

They did the same with AC1, at least in the UK they did :D

Hideo_Kojima3271d ago

Like I said before xbox 360 owners tend to lean more towards FPS games when compared to PS3 owners which are spread out threw other genres.

Sony know this and are suporting us with games like LBP, Heavy Rain,
Uncharted and God Of War.

I personaly like to buy diffrent genres of games so that I always have
something for my mood.

Elvfam5113271d ago

Assassin Creed 2 Linage I

Wow that was pure awesome

Halo3 MLG Pro3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Sony gets exclusive commercials???? LMAO!!! Yeah that's a lot better than Microsoft that gets exclusive MW2 DLC. :/

HDgamer3271d ago

Commercials mean it will most likely sell on the ps3 platform than the 360. People are stupid when they see commercials.

CernaML3271d ago

"exclusive MW2 DLC"

Uhh.... If I remember correctly, it's TIMED exclusive. So the PS3 is still getting it.

HDgamer3271d ago

Hey it's exclusive for the first week or two. You know he takes it anyway he can get it.

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cmrbe3271d ago

I would have prefered Sony to advertise their own games more though.

GameOn3271d ago

Well the last one sold better on xbox but this ad campaign could change that.

cmrbe3271d ago

Then there were way more x360. Working ones at that too lol

Ju3271d ago

Its quite possible the PS3 can sell more. Seen in Batman AA (sure, the Joker helped). BTW: AC2 has PSP/PS3 integration of some sort.

mastiffchild3271d ago

AC2 should sit better with ALL gamers full stop after the antics of Activision and their lying monkey butlers at IW over MW2-it might be a good game but is it worth showing you don't give a crap about your morals or other gamers over? Not for me-not for bloody COD(esp when importing said baby controls to KZ2 killed what made that game so special at first)when we get almost the dame game every damn year.

Secondly Sony have, and Ubi, all those .little connectivities between AC2 and ACB on the PSP to use as selling points-and possibly also to help the Go sell a few models, no? Sony and Ubi already, and remember the past of the first project being mooted as PS exclusive,have more invested in AC2 than MS. It should sell better on PS3 this time round anyway-at a guess bt we'll see.

I still find it amazing that people are so excited over supporting those tosspots ove at the IW/Acti cabal.

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Dellis3271d ago

Smart move, AC2= 2nd biggest game of this Month

Anorexorcist3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

That first game you are mentioning of (CoD MW2) is not Xbox 360-exclusive, so I don't know why you seem to have your nose so far up in the air for it. :/

CryWolf3271d ago

This sounds like a good idea for Sony if MS alreally dealing with MW2, dealing with Ubisoft on AC2 could help Sony get more people on there console if you think about it.

Unicron3271d ago

The $$$ will go towards exclusive PS3 Splinter Cell Conviction content/development in a few months.

blackpanther253271d ago

u funny man.....a few people are gonna attack you for that comment