G4TV: Bayonetta Import Preview, Or How to Melt Your Brain in An Hour

G4TV writes: "Bayonetta is a unique beast. Based on the hour I spent with the Japanese import -- kindly lent to me by X-Play's Mike Demski, who coughed up a hundred bucks for it -- the game knows its audience well. Once you cut through the librarian fetish, the disproportionate character design, and the ass you can bounce a roll of quarters off, Platinum Games' vision purports to build upon the hack n' slash action genre in new ways. It's still tough to tell, since I'm still early into its chapters. But my initial impression is that Hideki Kamiya, director of Devil May Cry, has helmed a project that points to where he might have taken Capcom's series. It's a wild vision of gory creature-slaying, suggestive camera angles, and rapid-paced combat."

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Light Yagami3268d ago

This game is great on the 360.

Fatal Blow3268d ago

No this game is great on both console hell if it was out for the wii it still would be great lol