DSi System Flaw Preview (Resumeplay)

'System Flaw', the first 'augmented reality shooter' is coming out for DSi. It's an innovative FPS that makes use of the built in camera to play. Players will be able to completely immerse their world into the world of gaming, and vice-versa. Oh, and did I mention this was a DSi game?

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CheatsMcGee3274d ago

This sounds...extremely interesting. I'm not sure if it's a title I would want just yet, but it does sound odd. Would have to get a DSi anyhow. By this point I may as well wait for a DSi LL.

mau643274d ago

agree, almost makes me want a DSi... almost

NecrumSlavery3273d ago

Hmm I wonder if th DSi can actually be justified as a newer system now

thewolf53273d ago

is it just me? or does this game seem extremely fake? lol I think it's just the boxart

mindedone3273d ago

I mean really, it looks like it stepped out of the museum for 1980s boxart.

dariusy3273d ago

It isn't just you. I've seen that exact same picture before:

Either that isn't the official boxart or whoever actually made it was really lazy and just found some pictures through a Google image search.