Speedball 2 preview

Speedball 2 is nothing short of an all-time 16-bit classic, from the glorious reign of the Bitmap Brothers. It was the days when eight-directional scrolling was something to splash on your box, and the Bitmaps delivered not only a technically impressive game, but one with gameplay that felt so natural and balanced that manuals, and a life outside your bedroom, became immediately unnecessary.

"We're going to keep a big part of the classic game - for example, it'll be playable from the top-view," says Tambellini. This is reassuring; during a teaser tour of the 3D arena, I recently had a horrific vision of first-person gameplay. I've even dreamed of playing this version, and it was rubbish. Tambellini continues: "There'll be two modes for players. The older people can have classic gameplay, with the original controls and just the one action button."

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DirtyRat4577d ago

i am really pleased to hear the game has a top down view, i was getting worried about how it could possibly rival the original when its in 3d