Microsoft: Keeping Sweaty 360s In Check

Noticed something funny today at the Forza 2 launch. Perched atop the 360 that was running the game on the three-screen setup was this mysterious black box. Which turned out to be a thermometer. An official, Xbox-branded thermometer.


That little digital box sitting on top of that Xbox 360 that looks like its displaying the temperature in Celsius? Not so much. As Microsoft pointed out that is just the audio controls for Spherex' Xbox 5.1 Surround Sound System. Kotaku apologize for the error.

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gta_cb4161d ago

this isnt really news, especially with 3 systems working so close together there is more of a chance things will go wrong (red rings) as more heat is being produced in a smaller area.

closedxxx4161d ago

As reported below, this was just another attempt to talk some sh*t on a next gen console.
It turns out to be the control for the XBOX brand surround sound system.
Although I wouldn't hold it against them if it was a thermometer with that much heat in such a small space.

gta_cb4161d ago

yeh well i spose people like Shadow Flare just like to see bad news about the Xbox 360. shame really as its a good console.

Shadow Flare4161d ago (Edited 4161d ago )

i cannot believe how crap these things are built

get those towels ready!



the ps3 doesn't need a thermometer. nuff said

kewlkat0074161d ago (Edited 4161d ago )

Shadow wasted no time for cheap flaming arrows....

Hey my PC has a thermometer, so I wouldn't see the big deal of consoles in the future having one, to regulate your temps.

I think Original Modded Xboxes had a little temp Monitor at the bottom, I think they should add a little LCD screen to next-gen consoles, that can tell you all sorts of info. The whole flashing green, red or whatever color is getting

Maybe some one is taking notes..

BIadestarX4161d ago

Lord.. and I though those poorly photoshop images were going to be gone. Dude.. didn't I tell you to stop insulting your own ability to do anything right.. and not show those images... those images suck! look at the white borders around the consoles... lord! what have I done to deserve seems stupid fanboys which have enough time in their hands to go an try to craft some images in photoshop and then not have the proper skills to do it right!. WHY! WHY! WHY ME! WHYYYYYYYYYYY! Please hire some 10 year old kid to help you with these images... so we can concentrate on your corny jokes and not your embarrazing attempt to use a software which you don't have the skills to use. Freaken Sony fanboys... the only skill you have is flaming xbox 360 articles... try getting some real skills.. uhhh. like learning how to use photoshop.

JasonXE4161d ago

to report it for being lame. That box is the Spherex Xbox 5.1 Speaker System. http://www.hometheatermag.c...

frostbite064161d ago

Good does look like somebody f*cked up

Rockstar4161d ago (Edited 4161d ago )

Too funny.
I wonder how that speaker system fares against a regular surround sound receiver setup.

I know i wouldn't mind buying a new receiver with HDMI support, for now I'll have to stick with my optical setup.

tehcellownu4161d ago (Edited 4161d ago )

everyone knows that the 360 is junk..its just a unrealiabe console..the 360 is droppin like flies..and just watch this better have their ac on..

oh yeah about the games the only one i see worth of playin on the 360 is gears of war.and coughin more and more money just to play it is stupid..why continue to support microsoft if they goin overprice charge for online and build their console out of crap..dont get ripp off by them.. and next year the ps3 will have a similar libarary of games jut like the 360..but the exclusive is goin to make a difference..i honestly think sony exclusive is the best..

@5.1: I know the truth hurts no need to get butt hurt..If you have 2 workin 360 good for you.but why would you have two? oh i see you are thinkin ahead..if one of your 360 died you have the other to fall back there is thousand of other people who fall victim to the red lights of death..

razer4161d ago

You are a Sony droid along with that Shadow loser..

I've got 2 360's both never had 1 problem with.

caffman4161d ago (Edited 4161d ago )

I'd much rather have a 360 (which I do) that may or may not break than a PS3 which definately sucks. And before you say I should try one, I have. I played Resistance, offline and online, and then went back to Gears. My mate is trying to sell his PS3 as he is bored of it.
I have had 3 PS2s (one original and 2 slimline) in my house and all have had laser failure. So don't say that Sony is the mutts nuts as I have never had a problem with my xbox or my 360.

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