MyWii: Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games Review

MyWii writes: "Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games is generally more of the same from the previous edition with a few new novelties thrown in. There actually seems to be twice as much to do in this game compared with the last, but is it twice as enjoyable? Not really. The gameplay is not all that enthralling and the controls are rudimentary most of the time. This title attempts to be a "jack of all trades" and ends up being a master of none; there are a lot of things to do but in isolation they all seem to be fairly plain; there is nothing that really stands out. The addition of Dream Events, character and equipment customization and the inclusion of Balance Board controls does liven things up, however like the mini-games included there is no hiding the fact that this game feels like it's "been there, done that". That's not to say it isn't worth trying out if you are a fan of the series and it is still a fun, family oriented entertainer."

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