Leaked COD: Modern Warfare 2 Footage has received some leaked footage of the upcoming FPS, Modern Warfare 2. This video shows gameplay of the Spec Ops missions.

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tillus863271d ago

After hearing so much bad stuff about mw2 (pc) its good to see
something cool. Watch this, no Spoilers, just co-op fun. Looking forward!

Nick2120043271d ago would never spoil a game for the gamers.

SL1M DADDY3270d ago

It will be a great game for us and just because Infinity Ward decided to slap the PC and Pirate community on the wrist doesn't make this game a dud for me. Can't wait to pick it up and start slaying some terrorists.

life doomer3271d ago

are you the same stupid guy that wanted to pay 100$ for xbox live?

Nick2120043271d ago

You clearly did not listen to the podcast because if you did, you would know that none of us would as of right now. We then went over what they would have to add to be worth $100.

killajd3270d ago

how are u going to to say STUPID GUY over a personal choice and OPINION!!! Dont get all negative and stuff over someones own choice...

3270d ago
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