Reggie: Wii Will Take First Place Very Soon

The Wall Street Journal has conducted a new interview with Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime who discussed the success of the Wii, the ability for third parties to do well on the console, and when he believes Wii will take over first place.

"First, we're going to sell more systems. In the past, the consumer that would have looked at this and said 'it's not for me' is now finding experiences that give them enjoyment. The second piece is we will sell more software -- not just us, but third parties as well that create content for this expanded audience," he said.

Fils-Aime also countered the notion that it's hard for third parties to be successful on Nintendo platforms and he defended the company's licensing structure. "...there's a historical view that third-party licensees cannot make money on Nintendo platforms, and it's just false. Today, third parties are doing extremely well both on Wii and DS. That's why they're devoting more and more of their own development resources against these two platforms," he said. "I think our licensing structure is very comparable and competitive with what other platform holders do. That is not the issue. While in the past development teams may not have been up to par, I certainly believe that's changing. When you have Disney or EA creating dedicated centers of excellence on our platforms... the game creation and game content will only get better."

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VORODOR 24573d ago

Nintendo wii is last gen it will end up like all the previous Nintendo consoles 3rd place!

bung tickler4573d ago

yeah the wii has like a 2 year life span tops. 3rd place again for nintendo. once the ps3 and 360 drop in price a bit its game over for them. i mean even if microsoft drops thier price only $50 that makes the 360 the same price as the wii. who the hell in thier right mind would buy a $250 gamecube when they could have a next gen system.

ITR4573d ago

What are you smoking.
The Xbox never even got out of 3rd place.
Hell MS even stopped making them while Sony churns out PS2's and Nintendo churns out GC's still.

A lot of people would.
Besides Nintendo could drop the price $75 bucks and still turn a profit.
Hell dropping the Wii Sports game and the Wii would sell for around $200 bucks.

TheMART4573d ago (Edited 4573d ago )

First place in selling old Gamecube hardware with just another controller they will be.

But not in games sold as people only play Wii sports and certainly not in online spending.

@ ITR (below)

You're one of the few then

Which 12 titles for Wii are worth buying?

I only think Sports and Zelda at this moment. Plus I know a couple of people with a Wii and they bought about that or really sticked with only Wii sports.

No real AAA titles available for the rest

ITR4573d ago

Nintendo has sold over 3.3 million VC titles online.

Most every Wii gamer I know owns more then say Wii Sports.
I mean I own 12 games and I'm not even buying on a regular basis.

Odion4573d ago

The Xbox sold i think 4 million more consoles then the Gamecube

ITR4573d ago

Your right I was looking at an old chart.
The Xbox beat the GC by about 2.5 million.

Odion4573d ago

ya that sounds about right

PS360WII4573d ago

2.5 million is hardly a bad 3rd place really. N64's only competition was the ps1 I guess you could say last but it's not third ^.-

Attach rate for the Wii is pretty solid. It's not 5 like the 360 but it's between 3-4. The accessories are selling more than the 360's now I'm pretty sure.

Nintendo is making 1.5 million units a month and there is a shortage. They sold 6 million so in less than 4 months (judging by production numbers) they will be past 10 million. Is this that hard to comprehend? My eyes don't bleed while playing Wii games so the graphics are not horrible and no matter the last 2 console cycles Nintendo DOES have major 3rd party support. Everyweek another big dev or some regular dev maybe even an indie dev jumps onto the Wii bandwagon. We have major devs making sole departments for Wii development. It's not the end of the world if Nintendo makes it to the top.

anthonsh4573d ago

Nintendo deserves to be on top this time around. Sure the Wii isnt perfect, but Nintendo isn't the only company that made mistakes.

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The story is too old to be commented.