GT: COD:MW2 Red Carpet Trailer

Gametrailers Writes: Take a look back at the history of Infinity Ward's media hype machine.

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MetalGearRising3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

now i understand the meaning of LIFE.

dazzalfc3455d ago

now that you understand it, pull your d!ck from out your xbox, lift your fat ass out of bed, leave N4G alone for 5minutes and go experience abit of LIFE. I've never seen someone dedicate so much time talking utter nonsence on the internet in my life.

I dont know whether to feel sorry for you, laugh at you or just give you a piece of rope, show you a rather large, strong tree and just let you get it over with

swiftshot933455d ago

Cant wait for this epic game.

Pandamobile3455d ago

The single player still looks epic. Too bad the multiplayer will suck without dedicated servers.

life doomer3455d ago

was this really necessary?

Immigrant3455d ago

yes it was necessary

whats ur problem? ur girl left u?