World Of Warcraft Pet Store Launches

Today Blizzard announced a way to prove your devotion to World of Warcraft - y'know, besides spending dozens of hours a week on the game or buying WoW beer steins. You can now purchase premium in-game pets through the online Blizzard Store.

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samoon3268d ago


I'm surprised they never had this earlier..

I don't play WOW but seriously, Virtual pets are all the rage lately!!!

Briefcase Joe3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

They sure know how to keep those addicts hooked...I mean customers happy:)


They sure know how to feed the addiction...I mean provide a diverse experience:)

Irnbruguy3268d ago

Quite a ridiculous price imo.

EvilCackle3268d ago

Yeah, I mean especially considering that it adds nothing to the game at all. You'll take out the pet and get bored with how it looks within an hour. It's just a status thing, I guess. You can stand around the city and look cool.

Handhelds_FTW3268d ago

They will start offering pre-leveled characters for sale.