Sessler's Soapbox: Adam Calls Infinity Ward Out

"This week's Soapbox gets a little serious. First, if you want to know what Adam is talking about, search YouTube for "Call of Duty Grenade Spamming" to find the original viral video that Adam will be talking about this week"

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Pandamobile3268d ago

Was hoping he'd at least mention the sh1t they've done to the PC version...

deadreckoning6663268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

Ya gotta love the Sess!

BTW What was the word?

njr3268d ago

Damn, that was the only reason I was gonna watch it for. nvm then.

Darkstorn3268d ago

Adam is the best spokesperson for video games out there. I think he makes a brilliant point, and you can see the genuine anger in his face. Passionate guy.

Maddens Raiders3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

because I believe N4G is the best spokesperson for video games. This is Spar-ta!

The_Denzel3268d ago

I think he'd say that, "PC; stop whining. Just because a few of you are angry doesn't mean it's gonna change the way the sun rotates."

JustinSaneV23268d ago

@ 1.1:


Hill_billy3267d ago

If you agree with Sessler then you's all a bunch of sheep. He's a douche, plain and simple.

Some of 'yall need to grow some thick skin and let this chit slide off ya. Can't let silly stuff like dis get your grany panties in a bunch.

Millah3267d ago

Maybe that was Sesslers way of coming out?

This is a joke that he'd call them out on something so silly. Smug, sensitive people are the ones who make harmless stupid little things into big ordeals.

Enigma_20993267d ago

You use the word online a LOT don't you?

Guess what... I think you're part of the problem.

Why are words like that a problem? Because not one of you can gauran-d***-tee that none of the gay gamers that play online aren't offended and genuinely hurt by these insults... and that's all they are. You throw them out carelessly because "Hey, I'm on the net... they'll never know it was me! Why should I care?"

Now imagine if there was something about you, that you weren't proud of, didn't like to talk about... and it was being made as the butt of every joke, wisecrack, and insult flying through the voice chat of the game you played repeatedly... You mean to say that it would just bounce off you harmlessly? I'm an adult, and even I admit there are times when my feelings get hurt. So no, I do not think it's cool... and I don't think it's necessary to enjoy the game.In fact, I don't think trash talking is necessary, period.

P.S.: Adam Sessler.. collect 20pts. It's not even cool when Infinity Ward themselves do it.

Reibooi3267d ago

I have to say I 100% agree with Sessler on this one. I saw the video before it was taken down by Infinity Ward and I thought it was great I laughed pretty hard. And then the logo at the end came up and It stopped my laughter dead. There was NO reason for it. The whole thing was funny without it. All it did was add a offensive undertone to the whole thing and as Sessler said there are probably millions of COD fans who saw the video and are now gonna say the word over and over all over XBL which is unfortunate.

I personally am not gay but I do have a few friends that are and I can tell you that while they may put on a brave face and take something like that in stride it still hurts and offends them even if they don't say so out loud. People really need to think about what they say both in the real world and on XBL.

Statix3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

I'm all for freedom of speech and expression, but if you're going to make a f***ing joke--if you're going to say something silly and funny--then why can't you use something that isn't a hurtful and pernicious word for certain groups of people (especially certain groups of people that you're not personally a part of). Why use the word "f**" or the word "n***er" when you KNOW that these words are historically loaded with a lot of hatred and pain behind them for certain groups of people?

I'm not saying that people absolutely MUST stop using these words, because there's something called the first amendment and people have the right to spout off in whatever manner of vocabulary they wish. But it just irritates the s*** out of me that people making these certain controversial/offensive jokes are either completely naive about the kind of pain or social disparagement they are unknowingly causing, or they're being disingenuous about it: "Um, who cares? It's just a word; it's just a joke; there's no harmful intent behind using the word 'n***er' or 'f**.'" These people are just flat-out being dishonest.

Bottom line, if you absolutely can't help yourself, and INSIST certain offensive or controversial terms, be educated and cognizant about the hate-filled history or meaning behind those words. OR, be HONEST about the message you're spreading (either consciously or unconsciously) when you use a word like "f*g" in a disparaging manner. Be HONEST that you're spreading hate; don't pretend you're not.

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Servbot3268d ago

I think context does matter. It's just a word after all.

Enigma_20993267d ago

... I don't care WHAT George Carlin told you.

tgh machines3268d ago

Did anyone see the new southpark? heh.

toaster3268d ago

They have no CoD4 in their offices because they sold them and used the money to buy Battlefield Bad Company (which is better in the first place).

Anywho. I never really watched the F.A.G.S video because I have no interest in anything Activision/IW does or say anymore. Sessler should really talk about how they're screwing the gamers and stealing our money.

The_Denzel3268d ago

Again, MW2 is only expensive. They are not stealing anyone's money.

MW2 is more than likely going to have the same lovable MW multiplayer and a much better single player. You can harp on it all you want, doesn't change that fact that it'll sell millions and all the 360 users will love it.

It also seems, that Sessler isn't that big of a PC gamer as he never adresses dedicated servers (or he doesn't care). He chooses xbox for CoD like most other MW players like him.

toaster3268d ago

"You can harp on it all you want, doesn't change that fact that it'll sell millions and all the 360 users will love it."

People playing it on consoles will know no difference if there are no dedi's or not. It's the same as CoD4 Matchmaking. So they show that they are lazy and just did a direct port to PC. Which is stupid.

Look at the Wii. Sales does not equal quality. Yeah there will be a buttload of kids playing it on Live because everyone and their dog knows the Call of Duty Franchise. They know that lot's of people play it, they know it's competitive. What the don't know is that there ARE better games. I know... hard to comprehend but it's true.
The merit of a game isn't based on sales figures. It's based on how we, the gamer, enjoy or dislike a game. Sure, you could look at the great reviews from all the different gaming sites, but you won't know until you actually play it. Bad Company was overlooked because it was in the shadow of CoD4 which was a "great" game. But there was more innovation in Bad Company than what CoD4 did.

Modern Warfare 2 should be a $40 game. $50 at the most. They stripped out all the games value in the PC version, thus reducing the life of the game. They limit matches to 9v9 which, if you ask any PC FPS player, is a joke. There goes the competitive gaming.. The list of problems goes on and on. Even console gamers should be outraged. Especially 360. The party chat feature has been taken out.

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