GameObserver: WET Review

The female orgasm and gaming have by and large been kept two separate entities for decades. While it's easy for male gamers whom have never known a kiss beyond their mother to seek arousal from a blocky Playstation-era Lara Croft and her triangular cleavage, women tend to need a bit more. The onset of force-feedback controllers and in particular that Rez vibrator thingy have given grrl gamers too ashamed to buy a real sex toy something to get themselves hot and bothered with, and now we have the first ever major-budgeted console video game named after female stimulation. Ironically, it's published by the same company that publishes one of the most medieval-themed (and thus female-repellent) franchises of all time in The Elder Scrolls. So in that regard, Wet is a historical step forward.

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