Japanese Forza 2 Paint Jobs

Xbox 360's Forza 2 just got released in Japan on May 24th, and the internet is already filled with truly spectacular geek paint jobs. Most cars are fully customizable, and Japanese players have been fully exploring this option. The paint jobs don't just contain obvious nerd standards like Gundam, Dragon Ball Z and THE [email protected], but also Choco Ball candy, KFC and Xbox 360!

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AcidRhain4285d ago

And they HAD to overlay the most cutesie Japanese pop.

Anyways, that's some detailed sh!t!!! they should have a paint job contest... for MS points.

MoonDust4285d ago

Crazy. This is why the Japanese gave the game great reviews.

InMyOpinion4285d ago

That, and the fact that it's the best racing sim ever made.

Bathyj4285d ago

Can you import JPEGs or does it all have to be created ingame?

eques judicii4285d ago

It must be created in game, which is why these are so impressive.

ps3gogetitt4285d ago

I want this game, dammmmmmmnnn it!!!! I might have to buy a 360 afterall, that's like a game within a game, i love that custom stuff, i wish gt5 had customization....

deeplies24285d ago

How the hell are they doing this?

Xi4285d ago

I think this person used the gradient tools to do the shading, and kept adding layers to make the hair and stuff.

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The story is too old to be commented.