GamesWeasel: Tales of Monkey Island Episode 4 Review

GamesWeasel writes: "We've arrived at the penultimate episode of Tales of Monkey Island from Telltale Games and boy is it a shocker. It's okay, don't worry. There are no spoilers of episode 4 here but if you've not finished episode 3 yet then you may want to pass on by. So as you should remember; Episode 3 of Monkey Island ended in yet another cliff-hanger with Morgan Le Flay once again betraying her hero (and ours); Guybrush Threepwood. She gives in to her greater lust for money and continues on with the Marquis De Sade's bounty on Guybrush's head. After escaping the guts of the giant Manatee and the mad clutches of Coronado De Cava with the not so giant Voodoo Sucking Sponge in his pocket, Morgan knocks him unconscious and takes him back to Flotsam Island."

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