Halo theme song on Guitar Hero 2

Here is a video of someone who took the Halo theme song and put as a playable track on Guitar Hero(modded).

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Lygre4583d ago

Before GH2 came to the 360 there were some roumurs out there saying that the Halo Theme (Mjolnir Theme) might come as downloadable content on Xbox Live Marketplace later.

I have no idea if it was just bogus or not, but it's this song..

dominusbellum4583d ago

fake when you screw up on guitar hero it stops playing the song why did his keep going i think he just found a song he could add the music to and did it

kewlkat0074583d ago (Edited 4583d ago )

but It seemed legit, even though he messed up a couple of times. Still Kewl.

Plus I didn't hear "HEAVY PRICE PAYED" sound, Oh yeah I love video game Music. Anybody Collect and wanna do some trading Pm me,

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