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TPG writes: "I'm in love. Not with a girl…OK, there's someone I like, but my real love is Half Minute Hero. This game came into my life, and charmed the pants right off of me. Half Minute Hero, I love you. Your fast-paced gameplay, laced with RPG satire and humor struck a chord with me, and wormed a way into my heart like it was a missing piece.

Your first thought about Half Minute Hero is likely something along the lines of "heh heh, Half Minute Hero. Sounds dirty." Well, 12 year old boy, you're a 12 year old boy. Our slightly more mature readers may think "How does a game that takes place in 30 second increments be lasting or varied? How could an RPG that plays in only 30 seconds be compelling?" Well, first off, the 30 second aspect really only refers to a recurring theme – you have to either finish your mission before a 30 second timer (that can be turned back in various ways) finishes, or in some modes, survive for 30 seconds."

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bgrundman3274d ago

why does this look like a crappy zelda clone?

wondroushippo3274d ago

It's an intentional look, it's meant to look like old 8 and 16-bit games.

Mc Fadge3273d ago

Look! A gun! It's a Halo clone!
Look! Units! It's an Age of Empires clone!
Look! A skill tree! It's a World of Warcraft clone!
Look! Pixels! etc...

Honestly now, the only similarity this game shares is the graphics. Everything else is completely different.

DigitalAnalog3273d ago

Played the demo. NOW I'm waiting for the damn game to be released in my stores.

bgrundman3274d ago

So how exactly does a game that works only in 30 second intervals manage to work?

wondroushippo3274d ago

You can rewind time. The game is real neat - check out the demos on PSN.