Demon's Souls Deluxe Edition: Replace your Official Strategy Guide

Owners of Demon's Souls Deluxe Edition might need to take a look at the strategy guide that comes with it as Atlus announced this morning that some of the batches that were shipped are having their strategy guide fade or unusual cover ink wear.

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Raoh3269d ago

I'd like to buy a strategy guide. I bought just the game and regret not getting the deluxe edition.

OGharryjoysticks3269d ago

You shouldn't be here. If you have been (and I'm not about to check) then you would have read reviews from the import copy letting you know the game is worth selling your soul for.

Therefore I feel no sympathy for you and your regrets.

Tough sh.t

Raoh3268d ago


Just like in the game I'll take that abuse.. This time :|

I really didn't see the import reviews. Only thing i noticed was the japan sales.

By the time i jumped on the Demon's Souls train based on the stellar reviews, i was unable to get it anywhere, i was lucky to get the one copy at my local gamestop near work.

But I am considering trading in my copy of demon's souls and ordering a deluxe copy when they are restocked.

This is one game i wish there was an iPhone app for with world tendencies updates, player stats, tips & tricks, recent bloodstain animations etc..

Julie3269d ago

mine is all faded i was like oh well is just the cover, the inside pages are fine , i don't think they will send me a new copy when i am in another country :(

OGharryjoysticks3269d ago

Bummer. Mine is shiny and looks like new.

DonCorneo3269d ago

but no way i'm gonna have it replaced

this guide has been with me through 60 hours of DS.