BM: Dragon Age: Origins Review

BM writes: "'Epic' is a word that can just be tossed around sometimes, often on items that don't necessarily deserve it. Dragon Age: Origins is not one such product, as it has the feel of a true epic; it's an engrossing experience that warrants attention and not just one playthrough, but multiple ones. This is a very deep title, in ways you may not comprehend your first time through, but will come to appreciate as you play again and realize just how much more there is to do than you thought. That's a good thing too, as BioWare has designed this game to be played multiple times in various ways before you ever discover all of the content that it hides. Will you get your money's worth if you just want to play through once though? In short, yes; that's part of the beauty of the game and it's world, as you will get what you put into it back."

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