Hands On: New Super Mario Bros Wii (resumeplay)

resumeplay - We all know what to expect when playing a new Mario game: great level design, catchy music, vibrant graphics and having to save that stupid Princess that always ends up getting captured (honestly if I were Mario I'd would of given up in the N64 days). One thing that is still relatively untouched in the Mario series is co-op. In recent iterations co-op has been a nice add on. This time however, co-op is this adventure's hook to get us all loving that chubby under-worked Plumber.

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mau643269d ago

I so badly want to play this game, and I honestly do not give a crap about co-op.

Ziriux3269d ago

Exactly, if you want co op go play Gears of War, but you will not experience a man with a mustache.

njr3269d ago

Wow I had no idea it was coming out in under 2 weeks. That's nintendo for you, announcing games the year the release.

Saaking3269d ago

This game is going to awesome. Definitely one the best games this year, and probably the best on the Wii.

VenerableBmoney3269d ago

The DS version of this game is phenomenal and I can only imagine the power on the Wii. I don't own the console, but I might steal one from a 10 year old (or a 65 year old) to try this title out. ;)

mau643269d ago

i know it sounds confusing but this is an entirely new version of the game, not a port or anything along those lines.

Ziriux3269d ago

Yea the DS version is always my favorite one, simply because it's Mario on the go for me.

CheatsMcGee3269d ago

I don't know, co-op has always been a huge hook for me. While I can really get behind a great single player experience, but anytime I can play with my buddies makes it that much better.

Certain games should only be single player, that's obvious. Turn based RPGs don't work so well for multiplayer. A game such as Super Mario Bros.? Co-op is a must, and I'm glad that they added the feature into the Wii version.

Ziriux3269d ago

Indeed, this could be that one game my GF will enjoy with me.

Ziriux3269d ago

Love mario games, this one is a blast got my hands on it last week and Mario never fails to entertain me.

mau643269d ago

I'm so jealous of you right now.

Baross20253269d ago

I was excited about this until I heard about watch the AI play your game mode.

Smacktard3269d ago

Well obviously you don't know anything about the game at all then. Such as the fact that it's completely optional, and the option even only appears after 8 deaths.

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