Thunderbolt: Eurogamer Expo 2009 Hands-on: MAG

Whatever can be said about MAG, no-one can take anything away from Zipper & Sony's ambition. Getting 256 players simultaneously into a game without problems, conveying team work and objectives accurately and clearly and keeping things balanced and enjoyable is no mean feat. Initial impressions are largely positive, but it remains to be seen if the game's balancing will allow it longevity and how the community will sustain itself - after all, this is a game which will live or die by its players.

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MetalGearRising3268d ago

Who in the right mind would play M.A.G when everyone in the world will be to busy playing MW2. I'm sorry to say but M.A.G is gonna Flop really badly.

AK463268d ago

Quote from article "it remains to be seen whether anyone will actually communicate and work as a team, or just run around doing their own thing, as thus far seems to be the case."

I don't know what he experienced, but the games that I played, the majority of players were on the same page. There is an occasional stray that does his own thing, but it's very rare.

kenpachi3268d ago

360 owners will be stuck playing MW2..... PS3 owners have alot of better games to be playing

Ps_alm3k3268d ago

But we have options and you don't , so do don't be jealous...okay