BM: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky Review

BM writes: "Dungeon crawler fans, this is my disclaimer: This game probably isn't for you. But I'm giving it a decent score based on intention, not execution. This game is designed for little children who have just started gaming. It requires no real effort, but it is entertaining to little children who just want to have a good time. This has a dual purpose: 1.) to try and attract new children into the Pokemon mythos through a different type of game and 2.) expand on the brand. 5 games in, the Mystery Dungeon still has alot of kinks. But we also have to acknowledge that the kids who play this game will be introduced to dungeon crawler games and hopefully be interested enough to expand into the real Pokemon games and legitimately challenging dungeon crawlers. So if you're a bit older, I recommend looking elsewhere but if you're looking for a gift, by all means pick this up for the kids."

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G4drake3455d ago

the good thing about this game; some especial episodes are good.

the bad thing:you will have to play(again)