Microsoft Cuts 800 More Positions

In its third round of layoffs this year, Microsoft says it is cutting 800 jobs across the company today. The software giant said in January that it would eliminate up to 5,000 jobs, in response to falling sales and profits. These represent the third installment in those previously announced cuts-but the number of jobs cut so far seems to have now exceeded the 5,000 figure, since Microsoft had said in its most recent quarterly filing that it had already eliminated 4,600 positions as part of those reductions.

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LordMarius3271d ago

what a disgusting company, this is pathetic

MSpence5163271d ago

ummmmm...everybody is cutting jobs, only thing different is you don't like MS. So by your logic, approx. 90% of the companies in the US and many more around the world are disgusting.