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GrE writes, "To discover whether a game that is marketed for kids (and the young at heart), all one needs to do is the following:

* Find a seven year old boy. My son fits this demographic nicely.
* Place said boy in front of large TV screen, running an Xbox 360 and copy of said game.
* Place a controller in his hands (of course he already knows how to use it; he IS my son…)
* Start the game, while helping him navigate through menus that are too hard for him to read.
* Watch him play.

Throughout this process, data collection is essential. Two data points must be observed, and recorded. The first essential point is the length of time spent playing the game, with a secondary variable being the amount time spent asking to play the game, while the television or console is not on. This requesting process includes asking, normally in a plaintive voice, or outright manipulation in the form of hugs, kisses, and "you're the best dad, ever" statements. The second key data point to be recorded is the incidence and volume of exclamatory statements and giggles while playing the game in question. If the experimenter can hear said statements and laughter from upstairs, then one can be assured of a positive result..."

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bgrundman3274d ago

Once again, crappy licensed movie games, FTL

starven3274d ago

When will companies learn movie games rarely ever turn out worth a damn?

notbob3274d ago

So you're saying "Where the Wild Things Are: The Book: The Movie: The Game" isn't good?

Panthers3274d ago

The real question is when will companies care...

and the answer is once they dont make any money.

I remember them saying that The Matrix game that came out made more than the movie. I think it was the second movie. I could be wrong but I remember them saying that.

bgrundman3274d ago

When will studios learn to stop trying to cash in on movies with mediocre games?

wondroushippo3274d ago

I'd rather just buy them the original book. Cheaper and would mean a lot more, I'd imagine

wondroushippo3274d ago

I'm at least 7 and 3/4 years away from having a 7-year-old son, so this doesn't really appeal to me now. Ask me then. I'll probably forget and just wonder what the hell you're talking about

roblef3274d ago

The real question is if you will still be playing games then ;)

darkroomdemons3274d ago

Even Pixar can't get the medium right. Find your audience people and make a good tie in for once. Do we really want Riddick to hold the hot spot for over 10 years?