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GrE writes, "Brian Clough once said "I wouldn't say I'm the best manager in the business, but I was in the top one." In SI Games' sheepskin simulator, Football Manager 2010, you'll be given the chance to emulate the goals of Clough and his peers throughout a career of football management, from the lower leagues, all the way up to European super stardom. With Championship Manager 2010 finally mounting a viable alternative to Football Manager after last years of practically not showing up, and sales of the franchise 'exceeding expectations' with its latest release, have SI Games rested on their laurels or pushed on from last years rather disappointing outing?
This time last year, Sports Interactive's PR department were in overdrive, promising more features than ever before, including a new, much anticipated 3D engine and the most complete managerial experience ever seen. To some degree those promises were delivered on, but even the most ardent of fans of the franchise would admit it was quite underwhelming. Most disconcerting was the 3D, engine which could only be described as primitive at best. As one would imagine, this time round, the PR firm has been somewhat more subdued, instead only promising a better game all round, and with Football Manager 2010, they have definitely succeeded. However, as with any success there is still plenty of room to improve in the future..."

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bgrundman3270d ago

Sorry, Soccer management games sound about as much fun as watching paint dry.

wondroushippo3270d ago

People would probably say the same about baseball management games, but I enjoy them. Different strokes for different folks. But Gary Coleman can go screw himself for all I care

roblef3270d ago

It might be more fun if the paint chips were lead based though.

bgrundman3270d ago

I think this will fail the same way that NFL Head Coach failed in the US.

wondroushippo3270d ago

NFL Head Coach failed because it was basically Madden without the gameplay, right?

starven3270d ago

Strawberry flavored lead paint chips FTW!

Haly3270d ago

It won't really matter considering how hugely successful the series is in Europe :) The sales figures there will be ample to ensure a success.

notbob3270d ago

It's like The Sims, but with soccer. I enjoy neither of those things.

Haly3270d ago

It's really not at all.

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