Gamestop Record: 1.5 Million Reserves for Modern Warfare 2

Slashgamer Writes: "According to someone we talked to inside Gamestop, we were told that the company has about 1.5 million total reservations, and their initial goal is to reach the 2 million mark when the game launches in less than a week. Will they reach it? I don't know, but as of now Gamestop should make around $90 million."


I know it has been confirmed that Modern Warfare 2 broke the record for Gamestop pre-orders. But this is the first article that gives specific numbers, and I think it's good to share.

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lh_swe3272d ago

Thats insane! I'm seeing Halo 3 numbers on the horizon.

penguinhunter3272d ago

It's going to be bigger than Halo for a number of reasons. Most notably, it being for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC -- instead of just the 360.

lh_swe3271d ago

I think in about a year we'll see the big 10 mill milestone being hit.

TheBrit3272d ago

For any gamer right now the best place to get the game is Amazon.
You pay 66 bucks (here in Illinois, after tax it comes to around 63.50 to pick it up from the store) and have it RELEASE day delivered.

Now for that $66 you also get a 20 dollar credit to your amazon account for a future game thus dropping your next purchase with free shipping to $40.00 instead of $60.00


JeffGUNZ3272d ago

Yeah, it's a good deal, but I want it at midnight. This game to me is something I need in my hands the second it comes out, legally.

TheBrit3272d ago

agreed. it's always nice to hang at the midnight launches and get the game 8 12 hours early but this time around for me, that extra 20 bucks made the wife a happier women after I just paid 79 for for LE of forza 3 lol

JeffGUNZ3272d ago

hahah a smart man you are. An unhappy wife means little gaming for you.

JustinSaneV23272d ago

That does not make the game $40. MW2 is still $60. Your next purchase will be $40.

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TheBrit3272d ago

The comment about 'as of right now game stop is going to make around 90 million' is bogus.

If they were given the game for free from Activision sure but they have to pay for it also. So, as of right now they don't stand to make 90 million :)

EVILDEAD3603272d ago

Been saying this would happen all year long

I'm always asking the local Gamestops how they are doing in pre and they are pretty amazed at the early response.

Game potentially could end up doing Grand Theft Auto 4 numbers.

The NVG preorder gift was brilliant. The early advertisements and the E3 showing took the game over the top.

I can't wait till next week to dive into this game. I even gave up on buying Dragon Age because it just makes no sense to even start it.

I have a hard time finding any gamer I know who won't have this game by the end of the year.

Just the perfect gaming storm of 2009


interrergator3272d ago

idk if i should even DARE Go to the midnight launch

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