Space Invaders Extreme 2 Review: Like Shooting Fish In A Barrel [TGH]

TGH writes
"If you've somehow managed to never set your hands on a "Space Invaders" games (for shame) the basic gist of it is to stop the aliens, or "space invaders," from attacking from the top of the screen. These tiny creatures slowly encroach on the bottom of the screen, and the player is in charge of putting an end to them by shooting from a ship stationed at the lowest point of the screen. It's as basic of an action arcade game as you can get, and, it's one of the few video games that can, unequivocally, be considered a Classic. Like the original "Space Invaders Extreme," "Extreme 2," turns the classic "Invaders" formula completely on its head, and creates an entirely new experience. It's more than..."

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