Xboxic: Modern Warfare 2 Avatar Items

Xboxic report: Here is a first look at one of the Xbox 360 Avatar outfits from Modern Warfare 2. It is currently not yet known how many other items will be available on the marketplace - but this Ghost Outfit is sure to be an Avatar hit.

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CommonCent3274d ago

I hope they add some items that are not full body costumes.

Blaze9293274d ago

I don't see why they cant just add this in avatar awards....but noooo they want to charge for it. I knew nothing good would come from this avatar marketplace. When was the last time the free avatar clothing was updated? Go head, just TRY to find out. But see how often the paid store is updated.


THESWAT3274d ago

you cant even unlock avatar even if you buy and play MW2? thats pretty cheap of microsoft to do that. but they do look awesome i would pay for it if they are not expensive.

Kushan3274d ago

There IS such a thing as "avatar awards" which are free and 'splosion man was patched with some so I'd take this article with a grain of salt.

toaster3274d ago

Yet another useless thing that the genius' at MS, Activision, and IW release to get even more moeny out of gamers.

Buying fake clothes for your fake avatar with real money.

Don't get me wrong, I love my Xbox. It's just something I wish MS never came out with. Pointless unless you're 12 and have friend issues.

HDgamer3274d ago

It happens with PSN and Home. Fake clothes, fake homes, real money.

Apocwhen3274d ago

LBP too. And soon to be 'premium avatars' for PSN. Dead money.

BO WALEED3274d ago

no mw2 items for that lonely HOME avatar on PS3 ??

well, does anyone use HOME now? :P

TheTeam063274d ago

Yes. And they actually have the option to use it whenever they want, instead of having their avatar standing in the console's main menu.... just staring...

chrisulloa3274d ago

Yeah it's like 2nd life for losers.

TheTeam063274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

If you look at it that way, that's not my problem. Personally for me, losers are the ones who praise "exclusive" clothing for awkward adolescent Miis when Home characters have been getting free and sponsered clothing for months.

They also sell jerseys in Home for cancer support, where every dollar goes to funding for those who deal with cancer. Those silly losers.......

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HungPHAT3274d ago

Premium themes is want !

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