AppAdvice Review: Eliminate Pro


"Eliminate Pro is Free, so every owner of an idevice should download this game, and give it a try. The game is easily worth $4.99, and I believe it still would have been a good seller at $9.99. I don't find it that much of a stretch to pay for energy to continue to play this wonderful game. It's the best FPS in the App Store without even having a story mode.

This is one of the best designed games in the App Store that is smooth and slick in execution especially in the quickness to connect and the online gameplay.

The controls take awhile to get used to, and the payment system is definitely a change (though that's not necessarily bad), and online death matches are all you get. The game is a really fun experience, and do yourself a favor, and buy some energy to keep the action going. It's an absolute must for free, and a must buy even if you spend all the way up to $8."

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