Portable Gamer Review: B.I.T.S

The Portable Gamer writes: "I already took heat for my last pinball review, apparently there is a fervent underground radical pinball liberation front that stays hardcore in their belief that archaic pinball ports are worth getting up in arms about. I am unfortunately going to have to get this fringe group all 'Glenn Beck Tea Party Crazy' again. While the developers did an excellent job of artistic design and trying to create new game mechanics, the pinball physics model is WAY off. The game plays like someone stood the pinball machine on its end, quarter slots down, and made you play. Instead of a standard 6.5 degree slope, it feels like 90 degrees. The game feels more like pachinko than pinball. B.I.T.S is B.I.T.F. (Ball Is Too Fast)."

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wondroushippo3274d ago

I HATE pinball games with horrible physics. HATE them.

bgrundman3274d ago

nothing like trying to hit a pinball that reacts like a beachball, right?

bgrundman3274d ago

It remind me a little bit of the underwater pinball game before it was patched.

wondroushippo3274d ago

The Deep? I'm surprised, because Wild West Pinball was pretty good in that regard.