inFAMOUS goes platinum on 11 november

PS3Hype writes: 'inFAMOUS was a good PlayStation 3 exclusive. It sold well, and that's the reason that Sony will add the game on 11 november to the Platinum Serie. The game will get a new price around the 20/25 Euro.'

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Blaze9293362d ago

is more like it. No status change here in the US yet.

*still waiting on Heavenly Sword Sony....*

thedisagreefairy3362d ago

this already sold a million.

i love this game and got my platinum trophy months ago

Chubear3362d ago

... insanely off tha chain sequel coming down the pipe line. PS3 gaming ftw, WOOOOT!

ABizzel13362d ago

If you missed it pick it up. Not if's and's or but's. Another buget priced game for the holiday's from your friends at Sony :)

xabmol3362d ago

You deserve them sales and we (the fans) deserve a sequel.


bakasora3362d ago

The cover art is ugly, the yellow border thing is ugly i mean. When you look from the side its all in yellow color with a small title name.

Lifendz3362d ago

and loved it. Sold it a few months back after I got my plat. Great Great game. Maybe next time they can include some sort of Horde mode coop thing so there's online play. If not, just give me a single player like the first one. Bravo Suckerpunch.

snp3362d ago

good for Europeans and Japanese people
is more like it. No status change here in the US yet.

*still waiting on Heavenly Sword Sony....*

Should just import it. That's what i do for the vast majority of games that are charged half the price in the US v the rest of the world.

badz1493362d ago

the game is awesome albeit a little easy but it's fun to play! really anticipating a sequel here!

dragunrising3361d ago

I was very disappointed I didn't pick up this gem when it first released. Once its a Greatest hits title in the states, I'll have to give it a whirl.

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Pennywise3362d ago

Who said this game didn't sell?

badz1493362d ago

inFAMOUS outperforms prototype is every way! it's clearly a better game!

TOO PAWNED3362d ago

in case ppl don't know, platinum is when games sells 1 million copies. this was Very fast have to say

colonel1793362d ago

or at least in America, to reach Greatest Hits status must sell 1 million units and be on the market for at least 9 months

cmrbe3362d ago

I remeber i use to wait 2-3 years in PS1 and PS2 era for a game to go plat before i buy it when i was still in school. Now its just a couple of months. Might have to reconsider buying a gaming first day or first month but then again i now have a job and its good to support the devs in any case.

This is something x360 fans still to this day don't understand. PS games this gen are selling at a much faster rate compare to previous gens.

EVILDEAD3603362d ago

This is something x360 fans still to this day don't understand. PS games this gen are selling at a much faster rate compare to previous gens

LOL @ this statement. What in the world does this have to do with Xbox 360 fans. Infamous is barely platinum and not even close to 2 million. But PS games are selling much faster? Prototype almost had the same exact numbers on the 360 alone.

Halo ODST did close to 2 million in 24 hours..should it be in the platinum list a month later?

Games go platinum when they are not selling anymore. It's a great bargain for the consumer and bumps the overall game numbers. PS3 games being put on reduced prices this insanely early isnt a compliment to the games success at all.

But it sure add incentive to buy Infamous and Killzone 2 (which is also announced to be going that route) if you were on the fence.

cmrbe3362d ago

X360 fans always b1tch about how PS3 games are selling much more than PS fans care.

Fact is PS3 games are selling much faster than PS1 or PS2 games. I understand most x360 gamers are young and most don't understand this yet because most only started gaming this gen or from last gen. This is something you guys must realise by now.

Ninjamonkey3362d ago

The game is alright bt out of all sony's exclusives this was my least favourite...

it should have been brilliant but it was slightly ruined by incredibly repetitive missions. I got the same feeling from this as assassins creed. Once youve done a mission so many times you cant vary it up anymore.

cmrbe3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

I loved infamous. Actually i liked Infameous gameplay better than U1. Yes some of the missions were repetitive but overall it was still a great game. I read that SP had a hard time just to get it running on the PS3 and since its their first PS3 game i will give them some slack for it.

One other thing that really stood out in Infamous for me is the story. I really had no idea about that twist in the end. It really caught me off guard. Amazing story.

Edit : Dam Gaffhy. You finished it?. I am about 93% done. The stunt thingy is dam hard to finish as well as the dam blast shards. I have about 5 left to go but i don't know how to get it. I had the game since June and still haven't finished it. Better than U1 though. Had that game since 2007 and only got the plat early this year.

gaffyh3362d ago

What?!?! inFAMOUS is one of the best PS3 exclusives, and I played the game to 100% completion. Some of the optional missions were a little repetitive, but no way as repetitive at Assassin's Creed.

Chubear3362d ago

If you found the missions in Infamous repetitive then I'm sure you feel the same way about GTA series cause they have very similar missions structures.

Assasin's Creed really shouldn't even be mentioned. That game is the undisputed poster child for repetitive gameplay.

gaffyh3362d ago

@cmrbe - Yeah I got the platinum. The hardest stunt, if I remember correctly, is the one where you have to kick someone into the air and attack them in the air? I did that one by attacking a guy that was on the roof and managed to get a hit on him, just before he fell to his death.

The blast shards were hard, I found most of them by myself, then I used a walkthrough online (which was incomplete). And found myself having 2 shards left. There's one that you will almost definitely miss, it's on a pier that is broken, you have to jump across broken stands on the water to get to it. There is also another similar one on another island, where the pier doesn't show up on the map I think.

cmrbe3362d ago

I think its a bug or something. Its one of those side mission where you get a photo of where 5 shards are in the Warren district near the pier with the 4 story building. I fought the dustmen and one spilled the packet with the pic. Unfortunately the pack disappeared after i dispatch of the others and now i can't find that last 5 shards. I tried everything like loading a previous load but still the dustmen never showed up again.

I meant to go back and restart from when i got about 300 shards but now i really don't have time to finish it.

djfullshred3362d ago

Game play in this game was great imo. Sure some of the side missions are basic & repetetive, but that really applies to all games that have followed the GTA series with open world structure of main missions/side missions. GTA, Saints Row 2, Red Faction Guerilla, Prototype...all have repetetive side missions. You don't have to do them though.

Overall, I think this game was top notch. One of the best next gen games out there imo.

DaTruth3362d ago

I'm looking for two shards exactly. I just said screw it and gave up. If you could tell me the districts for those, it would be helpful!

Imagine, two shards from platinum.

@Cmrbe: Mission shards don't count towards the find total, they only help you upgrade whatever those things are that hold your energy faster. I played a whole playthrough without doing any side missions, just so that I could play them after with all my powers and only came up 5 short(wasn't really searching for them). Keep looking around for the five more blast shards.

Redempteur3361d ago

The shards to get from missions don't count toward the total ..

and yeah i know what i'm talking about i got my platinium on this game ...

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