Sony and Microsoft fail to understand our market, says Nintendo

Sixaxis and Viva Piñata were failed attempts to capture our consumer, says Harrison

Sony's Sixaxis controller and Viva Piñata for Xbox 360 are both failed attempts to capture the traditional Nintendo customer, according to NoA boss George Harrison.

He believes that the two rival companies lack the "DNA" to understand a market that wants more from a gaming experience than just the next version of Halo or Grand Theft Auto.

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Amplifier4748d ago

"just the next version of Halo or Grand Theft Auto."

He is definately not one to be talking about "next verisons" of many Mario, Zelda, Metroid, and Pokemon have his company released in the past?


Babylonian4748d ago

He's just being a hypocrit or he froget about their one franchises. Let's see if their "Market" will hold in 3 year from now. Will they still have the "DNA" to hold a foot on the market.

Let's wait and see.

ITR4748d ago

I think he's talking more about the genre of games on the PS3 and 360, not just certain games.

Take away FPS/TPS/and racing sims..and the PS3 and 360 look empty.

Hell the only reason I want a 360 or PS3 is for the racing sims and thats it.

FM2/Revo/Dirt/maybe the new PGR on 360 and GT5 on PS3.

PhinneousD4748d ago

Those Mario's, Zelda's and Metroid's gives you a NEW WAY TO PLAY. He's saying the honest truth.

Robotz Rule4748d ago

Your making someone very angry,you won't like him when he's angry!

Babylonian4748d ago

And how the hell should a controller and 1 game capture Nintendo's customer???!?!? Maybe the Sixaxis will capture them by tilting them up from the ground and saying "Gotcha". Or Viva Pinata sneakingly tricking kids with candy.

This guy talks caca, if I was Nintendo I'd fire him and hire someone who talks crap but brings it in a sensible and more believeable way.

Silverwolf4748d ago

at being an arrogant jack a$$! Hope that wand keeps you afloat whenever you start sinking. Isn't that how it always ends with Nintendo's consoles?

ITR4748d ago

I guess you never lived in the 80's or even the 90's.

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The story is too old to be commented.