New Crysis Screenshot

A new screenshot of Crysis, Crytek's upcoming sci-fi first-person shooter for the PC.

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Robotz Rule4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )


Crysis is looking sweet!

PS360PCROCKS4747d ago

Man I might need to update my whole computer because that is absolutely UNREAL

kewlkat0074747d ago

lol, Ya know I won't be able to play this game in all its glory for a while. Oh well I don't have the money for a new RIG, outfitted with the latest.

This game and SPORE is really gonna push Vista, DX10/Cards out the shops for Hard-core PC gamers. Hoping Vcard manufacturers optimize and fix their drivers.

sonarus4747d ago

If this got ported to the PS3 like the rumors suggest and didnt look lame then i will definetly be getting this. I have vista on me laptop but am sure a game like this might break it lol

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