What are the hazards of console bans?

In it's lifetime the xbox 360 has had its fair share of problems. From disk drive errors to the red ring of death the Xbox 360 certainly hasn't been the poster child of a quality product. More recently, Microsoft has begun banning modified consoles. This ban removes the Xbox 360 Live feature functionality. With that said, when buying a 2nd hand Xbox 360 be it from Gamestop, Ebay, Craigslist or any other source there is yet another landmine to look out for. ... more.

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darthv723272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

This blog simply reiterates the obvious sentiment about purchasing ANYTHING used. Be it a console, car or even a are relying on the habbits of the selling party to be truthful in the sale. While that may happen in most cases, it isn't for ALL.

Why did we need a post to express this distaste for being a sucker and buying used? Perhaps when it doesnt happen to you you don't care. When it lick your wounds and try and sell it off to the next sucker. Just because this post is being stated wont change the mindset of those who go looking 'SPECIFICALLY' for used deals.

Why shouldnt MS ban modded consoles? It's their service. If you want to take risks with buying preowned, this is one of them.

I can say from personal experience that the used Dec 05 360 I got off a friend was not modded but I could not get it registered in my name for warranty service (regular warranty). It had been registered at the time of purchase by the store that sold it to him (strange but true). Even though I had gotten it in Apr 06 there would still have been some time left on the regular warranty. To register it I was told it would not be covered by support if something happened. This was before they changed their policy for RROD support issues. Sure enough mine got the RROD in Jan 07 and I called them and sent it in for repair free of charge.

In my case, second hand wasnt so bad. Yet I knew the console wasnt modded. Although, I am curious if those sent in for repair from RROD are detected as being modded when they arent really looking for that. Most of the time they swap the board and reconnect everything else in the case. Then they send out those that are repaired/refurbished and possibly modded only to be banned under a new detection process.

That would be an interesting article to read about. In the end, just buy new. You are guaranteed all rights and privileges, as declared under the terms of use agreement. Play it it new!

kapedkrusader3272d ago

...although I wouldn't be surprised if this is just an MS tactic of posting an article about the dangers of buying second hand. I know many are my friends sold their 360s when the Slim was released. So, if you have a bunch of cheap 360s on Ebay, how can MS keep up with sales. It's obvious that they are already hurting by reducing the price to $199 and some stores offering an additional $100 gift cards. It makes me wonder if increasing Live to $100 isn't something that they are truly considering to counter the lack of sales. It's not like they have down-right rejected that claim.

Real Gambler3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

It's a known fact that they always do their round of banning just before Christmas, to artificially boost their sell numbers. Pirates just buy a new console, and simply screw somebody over by selling it on Ebay, or other places as mentionned in this article.

Timing wise, Microsoft is definitively doing it on purpose. First, they make it easy to pirate, so more people buy their console, then they simply lock a bunch of them out once a year before Christmas so they get new increase sales when needed. Right now, with PS3 sales doing good, they simply just pushed the button. See ya next year around the same time!

FanboyAttack3272d ago

Thanks for your input maybe you should write an article that expresses YOUR opinions. But, this is my opinion, and in my opinion Microsoft telling people that it is their responsibility to know whether a console has been modified is wrong. The fact of the matter is that not even retailers can tell. Adding a punishment that renders an xbox useless to people that unknowingly purchased a 2nd hand modded xbox is bad policy. It fixes some of the problem, while increasing MS bottom line. I would guess 70% of all sales go through a store with some sort of trade in or used equipment function in their business model. The bottom line is that the policy leaves alot of loose ends that should be tied up by MS not the consumer.