Infinity Ward Suspects Server Petition Fake & MW 2 Capped at 9v9

More news today for Modern Warfare 2 from Infinity Ward that fans of the series did not want to hear. Infinity Ward's Mackey McCandlish and Ryan Lastimosa had a online discussion with the Best Buy community.

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cmrbe3272d ago

First they don't accept additional funds form Acti to build dedicated servers for everyone then they were silent about the price hike and now they say that fans complaints is fake?.

Glad i am not buying MWF2. Not ever. Bad company 2 it is.

Ace Killa 083272d ago

did u read the article?

it states not all petitions are real.

then they were asked on how Infinity Ward felt about the petition for the dedicated server:

“All I can say is that we changed it to make it a better and easier experience. Also, not all of the [178,000] names on that list are legit. 402 signed it 4 times I heard.”

so where in this statement means that the entire petition is fake or that they dont listen to their fans.

they hear what the fans want, but they standing by their own decision.

ambientFLIER3272d ago

Oh, so the additional money was directly tied to dedicated servers and IW refused? Wow, thanks, you know so much!!!