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cronaldo73274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

I was watching a live stream of someone playing MW2 and I got to see him recieve the message that he was banned. Freaking hilarious.

Blaze9293274d ago

the only thing I don't like about they way Stepto and his team ban people is that they don't even notify people on WHY they were banned and what they did. I mean what if one of these MW2 players actually bought a copy of the damn game, lucky enough to do so early at least but bam, got banned.

Oh well doesn't concern me since I didn't mod my 360.

JOLLY13274d ago

Actually they do message you. Also if you think you have been banned for something you didn't do, there is a whole area on that you can't talk about it.

Blaze9293274d ago

lol i saw the section on the xbox forums and that's just terrible service. all they do is just close your topic and link you to some FAQ or whatever.

vhero3274d ago

he was also pwnd in his comments by comebosy telling him a load of his friends are playing the new COD on modded consoles right now.

smittyjerkins3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

I like MicroSoft's way to solving the piracy problem. Instead of making it extremely hard to make pirated games for that console or giving the 360 a firmware update where modded 360's can't pirate games anymore, they just BAN!! BAN EVERYONE! WITHOUT WARNING!!!!! EVERYONE BANNED!!!1!!1! Their way is so much more subtle and doesn't piss anyone off.

Greywulf3274d ago

and use your login?

Or no.

Seems like a great way to boost sales imo.

darthv723274d ago

Someone who had a legit RROD 360 and was sent a refurb unit that had a flashed drive and was then subsequently banned because of this new detection system.

That would make for good watercooler conversation.

(just to be clear...I dont know if MS even checks for modded drives when doing RROD repairs so this is just a big..."what if")

IdleLeeSiuLung3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

yeah, I mean after all we should all just reward pirates. It's not like they are parasites in our society like actual paying customers. /sarcasm

Reality is that Nintendo when faced with piracy disables others machines. At least your machine is still functional and in my book that is already too nice!

silvacrest3274d ago

i no people who have been banned and just buy another one on ebay and im not talking about the whole thing e.g. controller and cables i mean just the white box and nothing else

if you buy just that, probably preowned, you can get it for as low as £30 to £40, which, they just mod again because it will always be cheaper then buying original games

clonerz3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

What if the banning of consoles that have upgraded hard drive or possibly nothing done to them. Just to possibly boost sales for the holiday season and create more revenue for microsoft how else do you explain no id banning of course we will still take your money for live you just need to go out and get another box.I smell greed and lots of it but what do you expect it is microsoft after all. My personal opinion is this also has to do with ps3 sales in U.S. They need to come out after holiday and say they sold x amount of consoles. This will only help further that cause and delay the inevitable downturn of the 360. I make no excuse for my rant about there greed and i don't know why so many do it makes me sick. I don't know bout you but x amount of dollars per year is set aside for entertainment and i want to get maximum value for my hard earned cash

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Blaze9293274d ago

I wonder how many people have tweeted him hate messages after these bannings lol...

KionicWarlord2223274d ago

I bet a lot people cursed him out .

HDgamer3274d ago

Mine still works though however it's only for keeping the 360 stable and not getting it's errors like RROD, E74, etc.

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