AppSmile Review: NBA Live

AppSmile writes: "NBA Live brings with it several game modes, as well as three difficulty levels (a notable omission from Madden that irked some gamers). Exhibition allows you to set a few parameters and jump right into the action. Season sets you up with the team of your choice as you play through an entire season's worth of games, up to a full 82-game schedule. Playoff mode allows you to skip the regular season and enter into a "best-of" tournament. All 30 NBA teams are represented and all of your favorite players are available. NBA Live incorporates several user-defined options, including quarter length, AI difficulty, commentary on/off, NBA music/user playlist, camera angle, button layout, accelerometer use, and more. If you'd like, you can trade players, sign free agents, and toy with your starting lineup. Within the actual basketball games, you have the ability to make substitutions and alter your offensive and defensive strategies on-the-fly. While this does require the momentary pausing of gameplay to select these options, it really doesn't pull you out of the rhythm and flow of the game as you might expect."

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