appVersity Review: Garters & Ghouls

appVersity writes: "If you've played iDracula, Minigore, or Alive4ever, you will be quite familiar with this style game. Waves of enemies spawn from "enemy hives", which are these golden holes in the ground that you must destroy along with all the enemies in order to complete the level. Boss fights come up occasionally and there are 25 different levels for Marie to dispose of hideous zombies and monsters. What's kind of a cool tidbit is that the game looks and kind of plays like Diablo 2 except instead of tapping your are using two joysticks.

Unlike iDracula and Minigore, this game has a storyline that begins with Marie waking up and a scientist informing her of what's happening. It's a good concept to add a storyline to this genre of game because they are very popular in the App store. It gives the gamer more incentive and more replay value if they're levels to progress through, a variety of enemies to slay AND a storyline to follow."

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