Interview: NOA's George Harrison On the Future of Wii

Here is the full transcript of Game|Life's interview with Nintendo's senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications George Harrison. As second-in-command at Nintendo of America, Harrison was quite open and revealing about the company's plans for 2007. Lots of interesting stuff, including the future of Wii Sports, Virtual Console, and the Wii shortage, follows after the jump.

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closedxxx4747d ago

Are there just too damn many "Harrison's" in the gaming industry!? C'mon guys, go the UFC route and get some cool nick names. How are these for some headlines?

Peter "Rampage" Moore blasts the competition!

Jay "Q-ball" Allard wears a hooded sweatshirt UNDER a blazer... what a rebel!

Ken "Riiiiiidge Racer" Kutaragi talks about hardware, and forgets about software-again

We could eventually get away from birth names altogether and just refer to our industry icons by their stage names.

Thank god "Cliffy B" has separated himself from all of the other Blizinskis out there

omansteveo4747d ago

I honestly dont see the future of the wii being that great...i mean who wants more gimmicky not to mention mediocre games..i feel like this is the gamecube all over again Nintendo "This is Waiting," 8 months for somethin cool to be release and im pretty sure its a mario game every time