Why Wii Shouldn't Care Anymore, and Neither Should Developers

Dualshockers writes:

"In the spring of 2005, we were all introduced to the next generation of gaming, and it came in the form of Microsoft's Xbox 360. Showing off its cutting edge graphics, robust online community and deep lineup of third party developers, it paved the way as far as what to expect from consoles for the second half of the decade. The 360 was off to a great start by launching a year ahead of everyone else. Waiting for their turns, both Japanese console makers we're pretty hush-hush on the details on their plans for the next generation. Nintendo probably more quiet than Sony, for a while was referring to their machine simply by its code name: Revolution."

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BROOKLYN N-M-E3270d ago

pretty good read. pretty good points. I myself haven't bothered with my Wii in quite some time.

eagle213270d ago

I bet you will this month. :p

mint royale3270d ago

I know I will be this month :D

Could be my game of the year!

BROOKLYN N-M-E3270d ago

Nintendo code names. The Wii was "the revolution" and the cube was the "dolphin". WTF does a dolphin have to do with gaming. I'll never know!

Grevan3270d ago

It means to say how smart it was. Dolphins are smrt, I mean smart.

BROOKLYN N-M-E3270d ago

the revolution would have been smarter anyway!

Grevan3270d ago

But then again, who play Wii anyway.

NaiNaiNai3270d ago

Go look in a family portrait. The two old people holding you.

Yea there playing right now.

taz80803270d ago

Of interesting points made here, I wonder if devs will continue supporting the console much longer? It will probably start to seem like the NGC all over again!

taz80803270d ago

they should have stayed with Revolution as the name, where the hell did they get Wii from anyway?

No FanS Land3270d ago

I think it's something like the word Wii sounding the same as We the english pronoun and since the english language has a powerful business influence, well they decided to add some style to the word.

However, the PR spin that was said to explain the decision of the word Wii was about the fact it sounds like We (just like the above explanation) being easy to pronounce for all countries and symbolyzing the family.

I'd go and search for the sources of these claims but I just don't seem to want.

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The story is too old to be commented.