Play as infected in Left 4 Dead 2 demo? Here's how

The Left 4 Dead 2 demo is a great time, but the lack of versus mode play with the new infected is something of a disappointment. You won't have to wait until the game launches on the 15th, however; a clever chap out there has created a plug-in to allow you to play competitive games with the demo, and to try out the new special infected.

Here's what you do:

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Nineball21123459d ago

That's pretty cool to know.


and after that if you get banned by VAC (Valve Anti Cheats),it won't be so anymore!!! Yesterday there was a forum thread about this topic on Steam forums with dozens of pages and today it has been deleted and the submitter has been banned! So think more than 7 times before trying it!!!! Buying the game and waiting until it releases would be the safest solution to enjoy this!

Pandamobile3459d ago

You're an idiot if you think this will get you VAC banned. Only way to get your ass banned is by hacking, messing with the .DLL files or Left4Dead.exe itself.

Valve openly supports mods.

Close_Second3459d ago

As I recently picked up Left4Dead and cant honestly see what all the fuss is about. It really felt like something that was released several years ago.

Unless Left4Dead2 is a significant improvement I wont be wasting my time with it.

GamerSciz3459d ago

L4D is not meant to be played alone or even with a single friend. It is meant to be played with you and 3 of your good friends who are willing to use teamwork. It's one of the most team oriented games on the market. So if you played the demo or just played single player then you didn't get the experience you are supposed to get.

As for L4D2, it is quite fun and the demo is free to download through steam so try it out.

Alcon Caper3459d ago

i tried it for the first time last night. maybe it was because i didn't know the people i was playing with, but it really didn't grab me like i thought it would. it was kinda boring, actually...

i've been playing modern warfare for 8 days now, so maybe i'm just used to that sort of pacing

Pennywise3459d ago

I have not played the demo, but I agree 100%. I played L4D on my buddies 360 and I was thoroughly unimpressed.

NaiNaiNai3459d ago

Pennywise, You don't know anyone who owns a 360, You would implode if you did.

Pennywise3459d ago

nainainai, that is the dumbest thing I have heard today. I do have a friend with an xbox. He is on his 4th one. He owned it before I convinced him to buy a PS3. Needless to say his 360 doesn't get much play anymore.

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dirthurts3459d ago

But it can be fun with friends.
L4D2 is a rental for me. Me and a bud are renting it at the same time.

cRaZyLeGs 933459d ago

Not impressed? I'm guessing you play a lot of COD.

monkey6023459d ago

I wasn't going to get this but I've started getting into the whole PC gaming lark so I might buy it after all