Braid announced for November 12th release in North America

Breaking news everyone, the major Xbox Live and PC game Braid has been dated for the PlayStation Network.

The game will be arriving on the 12th of November in North America, and then in Europe soon after.

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gaffyh3322d ago

I hope they've added some more content, otherwise I won't be buying this game, seen as I already have the PC version.

WildArmed3322d ago

lol talk about cutting it close. MW2 = 10 Nov.

Imo, its a bad time.. but nevertheless, Braid is a great game!

tdrules3322d ago

i look forward to seeing what my psn friends think of it, ive had it on pc and thoroughly enjoyed it except the last part.

im more interested in Castle Crashers though, I'm on a co-op binge atm, L4D2, UC2

WildArmed3322d ago

L4D2's versus looks soo fun. I love playing as zombies <3

SmokeyMcBear3322d ago

who cares.. the game was horrible

Ninji3322d ago

Otherwise I won't bother because games that were previously on the flopbox aren't worth more than that unless they include a good amount of extras.